Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Black and White??

A call went out from a lady making and distributing quilts for charity. It was for a QS one. I quickly e-mailed a reply (I thought my friend Linda had one already made) promising to have a top in the mail first thing Tuesday.

I rang Linda to let her know I had volunteered her QS black and white top. She informed me that only 8 nine patches were completed  of the 16 block disappearing 9 patch top .We decided as it was our sewing day Monday we could get it done together.

It became quiet a production line with Linda cutting me sewing and Julie ironing.We thought we were doing so well but on close inspection realised I had sewn the blocks the wrong way. So it was unpicked pinned and sewn together again. WOULD YOU BELIEVE THE WRONG AGAIN!!!!!

Time for a cuppa. Then back to work. Sewing ,trimming ironing. Spread the rows out on the table before sewing them together. NO#*# another one is the wrong way. This time Julie unpicked and pinned I sewed. Spread it out ,YES it is right at last. Lets sew the rows together.

Now it was 4pm so time to go home. Only the borders needed to cut and sewn on. We packed up and I took the top home to be completed.

After tea,dishes and shower I went back to cutting and sewing. Finally at 12.15pm I finished it. Only had to iron the last border.

Guess What I did?????????

Yep!!!!!  Burnt it. So as it was late
and I had had enough. Turned off the iron and light.Then off to bed.

When I got up this morning I unpicked
the border. Cut out the holey bit. Put in a nice new piece and ironed it carefully.

After all the dramas I am very pleased with the result and it went into the mail on time.  YES!!!!!!!!!



  1. And after all your troubles it looks perfect now. I really love this pattern in Black & White

  2. Oh you poor thing ! Some things just go like that don't they ! In the end you have produced a really stunning quilt , lovely !

  3. Lovely quilt Maria but I'm surprised you didn't throw it in the bin!!! What trials and tribulations :)
    The end result is really really lovely and I'm sure it'll be appreciated.
    It must have been the week for unstitching.

  4. Oh no! But the end result is great. I love how it has turned out and I am sure it will be appreciated.


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