Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slow Going!!

It was a lovely sunny drive to my friends house to do leadlighting today. I am working on a new window to put in my little shed. I decided to do kookaburras this time but it is slow going.

Found I was having a lot of trouble with the leaves. There are just somedays nothing seems to go right and today was one of them. Morning tea sounded good.
Jo's son is over for a holiday and he made delicious muffins with fresh maccadanias from Jo's tree for morning tea.Was a good break and when I returned to my work finally got the leaves to sit in place.


  1. Nothing like morning tea to make things run smoothly.
    The kookas are looking great

  2. Oh Maria this is one thing I have always wanted to try....yours looks gorgeous..

  3. I have also done a lot of the leaded glass windows. I love doing them. It is a little like patchwork, don't you think?

  4. Did each of you do a row and then are going to put the rows together for a quilt? We did blocks, but rows sound fun also.


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