Monday, June 19, 2023

FNSI for June

As we had another power outage I joined Wendy for FNSI in the afternoon and cut and glued pieces for both La Passaglia and my Laundry Basket applique.

 Then I sewed on the vine and some leaves on the quilt.....

I'm finding this very slow going. I've finished one side and am now working on the second. Two more to go!!!

After the power was restored I enjoyed doing some quilting on "Who's at the Zoo"

A huge thank you to Wendy for organising us even though she's been busy caring for her MIL.
You can see who joined in and what they made by popping over HERE

Must away and hang some washing. 

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. You did well, even working around a power cut!

  2. Maybe you would have put off those leaves if you had had power! Good to move them along and your other work. xx

  3. Ouch--power outages--we sure have gotten to the point where we take electricity for granted--but glad you were able to find things to work on anyways!!!
    hugs, di

  4. A very productive work table there. You made good use of non power and power back on sewing time.

  5. you did well in spite of a power outage.... the leaves are getting done slowly - keep plodding at it...

  6. You did well on FNSI, even with no power. You have two long term projects with the LP and all the vine appliqué. I’m loving that appliqué. Quilting your Zoo quilt with the machine must feel so speedy.

  7. The blue vines and leaves look so pretty. I have not tried doing applique' after a top is quilted. It seems to be working beautifully for you.

  8. beautiful, you worked on two of my favourite projects!!

  9. Wonderful projects Maria, and you had to work around a power cut!


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