Wednesday, July 5, 2023

RSC for July , Catching Up.... and sign up for FnwFs.

I had promised myself I wouldn't do anything else until I'd finished quilting "Who's at the Zoo" BUT I got side tracked . Angela had posted that RED was the colour for July's RSC and as I'd put some reds aside I decided to make the blocks..... 

My "I Spy" Block and the 

6 = 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" ones

then I made a couple of beachy coasters 

and bowl cosies for a friend

After a long chat with my DD1 I was pleased to find out her GS1 ( my GGS ) loves Minecraft so what's an Oma to do but find a pattern and make a block or four.........Okay more for another day..

and in between I've been busy cutting and gluing more circles and leaves for the Laundry Basket.  

I have a little more sewing to do on the third border and then onto the last one. It's a slow process but I'm enjoying it......

So now I will finish "Who's at the Zoo" so I can join in with Cheryll and friends for FnwFs and maybe start on a new project???? do pop over HERE to join in.

Must away now and get dressed , I was having a PJ day, but need something at the shop.....

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Nice reds Maria and oh those coasters are fun! xx

  2. You are making some really nice blocks with this month's RSC color. Love your coasters and cosies. Those minecraft blocks will make nice quilt for your ggs, too.

  3. Pretty reds and nice work with them and so many nice fun projects in the works and like me--on never knows when a 'squirrel' might pop in!!! and bowl cozies are always a fun and much needed project for those who have microwaves ( I do not have a microwave, but my kids to!!!) hugs, di

  4. Lovely red blocks. Nice coasters & cosies. I bought some wrap & zap to make some so i better get to it now. :). I have GS's that love Minecraft & i'm sure they'd love a quilt but maybe i'll consider a wallhanging. :)

  5. I've been stiching red blocks for RSC too this week. Although I'm not familiar with Minecraft, I've read that it is very popular with kids, I'm sure it will be a great hit.

  6. Typical crafter getting sidetracked! haha.... It is good to keep up with the colours though and I love the new minecraft blocks....

  7. Nothing nicer than a pj day in the sewing room...pity you had to go out. You will be popular when you present the minecraft quilt.

  8. Luv all your on going projects,I'm working on RSC red blocks too

  9. I was just cutting my red RSC - I thought there would be plenty in the box. . but no - just managed to scrap it in...again! Next year it will be a simpler project I think!!!
    Great work on Minecraft - that will be a hit I am sure!
    Funny how we get distracted . . . or led astray!
    Love the coasters - such great fabric - Laundry Basket is going well too.

  10. I love your RSC blocks! So pretty. The coasters are so cute and the bowl cozies would make great Christmas gifts. I'll have to look for instructions. The minecraft blocks are adorable. My grandson is big into Minecraft.
    Are those appliques for a Laundry Basket quilt? Lovely projects!


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