Thursday, August 4, 2022

Quick post and sign ups for FnwFs...

Just a quick post as I'm still getting organised for our groups retreat in the big smoke...
Machine, cottons,pins etc are packed as well as my sewing projects in the plastic tub.

Did two to see how it looks.

Not really loving the setting triangle fabric but that's what I bought so will have use it....bit more orangey than photo.

I'm going to Perth tomorrow to spend a few days with my DD and family before retreat on Sunday starts.So I'm sure DD and I will be spending time in her craft room for FnwFs... Even though Cheryll  away on holiday she's put a link up so don't forget to go over HERE to sign up....

Oh! Must away and check the dinner before it burns.

Stay well and happy stitching.

Hugs Maria ❤


  1. Safe travels, Maria. Enjoy your retreat!

  2. Safe travels, enjoy your family time, then the retreat.

  3. Enjoy your trip/retreat. The churn dash blocks look lovely.

  4. oooh what fun... a lovely few days coming up....

  5. oops sorry Maria didn't get to finish my comment..... lovely churn dash blocks and the setting triangles look very pretty. enjoy your retreat and sewing time with your daughter.

  6. Those Churn Dash blocks are so pretty. Have a wonderful visit and quilt trip.

  7. Your churn dash quilt looks great, I like the darker triangles. Hope you enjoy your time away. Sounds like the ideal things to do, family and retreating with quilters.

  8. oh I like the churn dash blocks.........looking forward to seeing the nice to have time together crafting........also enjoy your retreat............

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time … and come home full of ideas x

  10. I took my churn dash blocks along to the SS retreat - carefully labelled and put sashing on both sides of every block...UGH...brought them home & unpicked. . . . .must have been tired. . LOL


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