Sunday, July 31, 2022

July finishes for OPAM...

Hubby and I were invited to a birthday dinner last night and I decided at 3 pm to make four bowl cosies for the birthday girl.... 

Thankfully they were all done by 5.15 pm , just in time to jump in the shower and be ready for 6 pm...

While getting things ready for retreat I come across an "I Spy" flimsy .. so after joining three pieces of flannelette for the backing and sewing a scrappy binding I have another finish for OPAM ..

Thank you KRIS for yet again pushing me along for a few finishes this crazy month.

Must away now and tidy the "Cave"

Keep well and Happy Stitching.

Hugs  Maria  ❤


  1. those bowl cosies are so useful..... careful when you tidy up.... you find things and you lose things...

  2. just trying to catch up a bit here, Maria. The bowl cozies are such a nice gift. I love your blue blocks too. Your churn dash blocks turned out great. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. It looks like it was a fun getaway. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the RSC blocks together. Hard to believe it is August already.

  3. You will be getting orders for those cosies now!!!!!!.

  4. Wow! That's pretty good going...and a lovely gift. Hope you enjoyed your evening. Great finish on the I Spy xx

  5. Well done... you are very spontaneous to sew these parts so quickly just before giving them away :-) Congratulations.
    Your kids quilt is gorgeous... lovely colors and patterns... hug


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