Monday, July 4, 2022

Busy Weekend and FnwFs

I drove down to the big smoke last Friday for the weekend to celebrate my DD2 's special Birthday..

Along with 10 other lovely ladies we enjoyed delicious savories ( didn't get a photo of them) and little decadent  cakes.

Sunday we were off to see the "Van Gogh Alive....."

It was just FANTASTIC.....

Afterwards we went to the "Lucky Shag" on the Swan Riverfront for brunch....

Evenings I was still able to do some hand sewing for FnwFs while chatting ....
I had a wonderful busy couple of days and drove home this morning. 

Must away now and rest.....

Happy stitching and stay safe and well.

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Looks like a very enjoyable weekend.

  2. What a fabulous weekend... Happy B to DD2. I love the van gogh alive exhibition when it was here... so different wasn't it...

  3. What a lovely weekend - and time to sew too, perfect. xx

  4. What a lovely way for your daughter to celebrate a special "0" birthday.

  5. A lovely few days. The weather looks to have been nice. Your hexies reminds me of the Lynette Anderson bag we made at Nundle one year. It will be lovely.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous weekend was enjoyed, even some stitching.

  7. Sounds a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Christine xx

  8. What a great time away, so nice to be with your daughter for her birthday....

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating Sandra's special birthday.

  10. Oh Maria, it sounds like a fabulous weekend! How nice that you could get together to celebrate - it looks like you did some pretty lovely things - annd it was good you managed to fit in some stitching time too :-)

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter! How wonderful is the Van Gogh exhibit? I particularly loved seeing his writings up on the screens. Such a fantastic tribute to the great artist.


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