Monday, October 25, 2021

Busy Week

Last Monday it was time to do some domestic work then Tuesday packed for a quick trip to the big smoke for an appointment. Even though it was short I enjoyed seeing my DD2 and family and some shopping. Thursday there was a pile of washing to do and I'm pleased I popped in two colour catchers in the dark load as I put in the new jeans I bought....

Friday I needed to organise some projects to take to our Stay at Home retreat ..

Friday 4pm to Sunday 4pm....

All packed ready to go.....

I love these weekends as they are fully catered by a lovely lady and we can just sit and sew into the evening as long as we like and then home to our own bed ...

worked on Toni's "Down Under" blocks..

then finally sanded and pinned "The Piggies and Friends" also a Toni design  

Decided I wanted to make the "Down Under" quilt a bit wider so got busy making some flying geese blocks..

after cutting and ironing the first step I was happily stitching on step 2 and it wasn't till I'd done the whole pile I realised the bobbin had run out...

Only 6 were finished and the other 18 only had a nice row of holes... GRRR!!

Oh nearly forgot to show you "Mr Snake"  another design by Toni from Red Boot Quilt Company the next flimsy I started.....

Pleased I did this post before another week fly's by ....

Must away now and pop on the kettle...

Have a great week,keep safe and well,

Hugs  Maria ❤ 


  1. wonderful progress on your projects! I did a day retreat this weekend, so productive

  2. I like the sound of that "stay at home" retreat....nothing is as comfy as your own bed. You certainly achieved a lot.

  3. Sounds like a great retreat. You always sleep better at home too.
    Love the snake…
    Oh no. All those geese sewn… NOT.

  4. You packed a lot in to your week Maria. What a shame about those empty holes! Still you managed to be very productive. xx

  5. OH-yes color catchers are the greatest thing--
    what a nice quilt room you have too--
    and so many cute quilt projects to work on--
    wished we had one of those quilt retreats here--
    enjoy your cuppa--
    hugs, di

  6. Wow, that was a lot of dye coming out of your new jeans. Color catchers to the rescue! Love your Down Under quilt, it is going to be so sweet. The stay at home retreat sounds like a dream...fully catered and you get to sleep in your own bed!

  7. Your little quilt is so cute! :0)

  8. Love the down under quilt, so cute. Mr Snake looks lovely. Hugs, xx

  9. I always love seeing the gorgeous applique quilts you make for children, such fun. Not fun when the bobbin thread runs out and you dont realise it as you happily keep sewing away.

  10. Sounds very busy there but fun kind of busy... love all the projects you are doing...

  11. Your Down Under quilt is very cute....

  12. Was there any dye left in your pants after washing them? Wow! Love your new snake design and the Down Under animals are so cute. Enjoy your retreat.

  13. Love the Down Under quilt and the piggies! So frustrating when the bobbin runs out and you sew along merrily! Hope you had a great time on retreat.

  14. Sorry, I laughed about your bobbin! I'm mean.

    Great work on everything.

  15. such a productive "stay at home" retreat you had! Glad you were able to get a nice visit it with family too. Have fun on the weekend!

  16. You've kept yourself busy on some gorgeous projects...xox

  17. love your down under quilt. I have a few of Toni's designs on the list to do. I need to finish some other things first though.
    Very interesting way that you do your flying geese. Would love to know the method?
    Have a great retreat, look forward to seeing your works.

  18. Your Sleep at Home Retreat sounds fabulous Maria - the best of both worlds!


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