Saturday, September 4, 2021

FnwFs and a Zoom GTG.....

Last night I joined Cheryll for FnwFs and enjoyed making three blocks for "Land Down Under" designed by  Toni from Red Boot Quilt Company    

 They only need their eyes and nose appliqued but I'll do them when I've done the rest of the blocks and I traced some more before going to bed..

Don't forget to pop over HERE to see what others ladies have worked on..

Thanks Cheryll for another productive evening....

This morning I joined Chooky , who organised a ZOOM GTG for a few hours...It's lovely to chat with ladies from all over the world while doing some stitching,

I completed the two rows of crochet on my next block.....

Later in the afternoon I zoomed around the block on the ride on to some mowing...

Must away now and publish this blog.....

Stay well and hope you enjoy some crafting....

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Your Land Down Under critters are darling. Your crocheted blocks look beautiful too. I’m looking forward to seeing those together. It sounds like spring is arriving down there.

  2. I love those zoo critters! It was good to see you yesterday-I'm usually off the Chookshed parties by the time you come on. Blessed Be.

  3. you've gotten so good at the characters for your quilts. This one will be especially cute! how big are the blocks you are crocheting around?

  4. The mowing didn't happen here as it has started to shower...... Lovely to see you on zoom and what your working on......

  5. love the critter blocks--if you keep showing me those--I will have to get a pattern and make some--just not sure who to give one to--would have to donate it somewheres!!!!
    Your crochet edging is pretty too--
    have a great week end-hugs, di

  6. Your land down under characters look fantastic.
    You must have a few of the crochet quilt blocks done by now?
    Was good to see you in zoom.

  7. Such cute faces and I love the stripes on koala's t-shirt. Lovely catching up yesterday.

  8. Lovely animal blocks, they look wonderful. Your crochet block is looking good. Hugs, xx

  9. Glad you & your "aussie" friends popped into FnwF... they will make one CuTe quilt too.
    Lovely crocheting as well...xox

  10. Beautiful Aussie blocks Maria, you have done well with the crochet.

  11. You always do such fun applique blocks!

  12. Your crochet is so even. Well done.

  13. It was great to catch up on Saturday. Your patchwork and crochet both professed nicely. I hope your way warmed up a fair bit for zooming around on the ride on.

  14. Your animals are so cute! They have such a friendly look.
    Will the crocheted squares be joined together to make a quilt?

  15. Hadn't seen that pattern of Toni's, she has quite a collection of great patterns doesn't she? Sorry to miss the zoom, perhaps the next one?


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