Monday, September 13, 2021

Another week

 has disappeared ...... Since going on my walk along the beautiful foreshore last Monday Iv'e been going to do post.....


so this morning , after doing the ironing, I made a coffee and am sitting down to catch up on last week....

I made and posted this months BOM for Aussie Hero's Mystery Group .....

did the Orange blocks for the RSC  


Worked on the row for the " Row by Row" our Patch group is running. 
The lady requested it to be a wall hanging for her sewing room when complete. 
Hope she'll like my sewing themed hexies !!!!

I've also traced some more Aussie animals ready to applique and finished some more crochet around my blocks...
Sorry no photos as I'm finding blogger is being hard to get on with today 😢 . Oh! also has anyone else noticed that some of the faces of our followers have gone blank !!!

Must away now and get to the shop....
Keep well 
Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Yes, my faces have gone too. Blogger at its best…

  2. Your beach looks like a wonderful spot for a walk! Love all those projects.

    I hadn't noticed the missing faces until you mentioned it.

  3. Yep--I got blank faces too the other day--figured it is just 'blogger' doing it's normal--let's upgrade and confuse our users time!!!!
    Love all your projects--I really need to work on an hexagon flower piece--been thinking about doing one for a long time now--one if these days????
    love the beach scene--I live so close--3 miles or less and never get there--our beaches are so crowded all the time!!
    hugs, di

  4. Lots of progress as always. I'm sure your sewing themed blocks will be just fine.

  5. That is a pretty pile of ironing. You have been busy in the sewing room and the weeks certainly go by quickly...even though we are still in lockdown the time is flying by for us as well. Blogger at it again.....I wish they would leave things alone.

  6. Lovely projects. Love your sewing themed hexagons. Hugs, xx

  7. Yes, I've lost some faces too, dont know why, hope they reappear soon

  8. I noticed some faces gone this morning too Maria. Maybe they will come back in a few days?? You have made wonderful blocks for Aussie Hero's and the sewing themed hexies are lovely. Your beach looks like a great place to walk.

  9. You’ve accomplished so much. The Aussie blocks look so nice, but I love your RSC oranges. I’d like to do a whole quilt in orange squares. How could you not like those sewing themed hexies? Great idea!

  10. Lots of lovely sewing and very varied.... I hadn't noticed the faces till you mentioned...

  11. Ohh I still have faces BuT I expect it will be my turn soon...:(
    Lovely sewing going on at your place Maria... well done...xox

  12. nice place to walk...
    you have certainly been busy, loving those hexies in the wall hanging, very cute.
    and yes blogger is a pain in the $#@&....there are quite a few things that either aren't working properly or have disappeared to somewhere else and its a challenge to find them!

  13. What a perfect day for walking along the beach. It must feel good to have achieved your progress on all your projects.

  14. you're a busy bee. hadn't noticed the blank faces until you mentioned it!

  15. Lovely poppies! You have so many projects going on. I noticed I'm one of your lost faces but I'm still here anyway.

  16. A lovely view for a walk Maria..... some great sewing there, always nice to see your projects....

  17. great choice of fabric for your hexies. Anyone would be pleased to receive that gift!!


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