Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WOOFA Progress for July 2020

My WOOFA that I'm working on with Cheryll and others is " Urban Owls" by Wendy Williams. This month I made an Ohio Star block and I'm working on the first house..

Still have to applique the stems and flowers on and also find the right fabrics for the bird...Hope to have the block complete soon and start on House 2..

How are you all going with your progress this month ladies ???

I've set my comment on moderation as I seem to be getting many unwanted comments, have noticed some other bloggers are too. :(

Must away and join the ladies at Patch, be nice to catch up, chat and stitch...

Happy stitching and stay well.

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. good going on your Urban Owls....really looking forward to seeing your progress and finish. I know what you mean about having to set moderation....I had to cancel 20 comments that were ads for someone's website this morning!

  2. You are making good progress with Urban Owls. Nice work.

  3. oh how gorgeous is this going to be.... so cheerful... the spam comments seem to come and go... grrrr... hope you had a lovely time at Patch...

  4. Great work on your WOOFA project this month Maria. Well done...xox

  5. That is going to be so cute. Thank goodness for comment moderation! I've had the same thing happening here.

  6. another adorable quilt in the works!

  7. Love those bright Cherie blocks!!!!
    I will have to probably do that moderation too--as I found some spam ones today for Sundays post--maybe they are mad at me cause I don't answer my phone unless I know who it is!!!!
    happy stitching--luv, di

  8. This looks lovely María!
    I do love “house” blocks, they always look cute.
    I think I will try to get some finishes done and hope to join in with WOOFA too!
    My comments are set to “Moderate” too, same reason, I got fed up with removing those silly adverts. Mind you I suppose as bloggers we know what they are and we aren’t really going to follow them but they are just annoying aren’t they!?!
    Barbara x

  9. Beautiful blocks Maria, love the happy people in your house.

  10. Great progress .. love the ladies in the windows.

  11. Great house blocks, but a lot of sewing to do!

  12. I love these blocks, but house blocks are my favorite!

    It is super annoying that people leave spam comments on blogs.


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