Sunday, May 24, 2020

What a Difference a Few Days Make.

Last Thursday our Patch group meet in the Town Park for a get together ... It was a lovely sunny day and just perfect to sit  apart in the park to catch up , chat and do some hand stitching.....

We had beautiful weather on both Friday and Saturday too but today a big storm rolled in bringing with it strong wind gusts so we lost power . As it's been so dry in the Midwest it caused massive dust storms...

Hubby fueled up the generator , I plugged in the leads so at least the fridge was going, we had light

I was able to sew  and hubby watch tele....

I decided to work on my new WOOFA  project. " Oh my Stars" designed by Pat Sloan
and also sew a few more blocks     

           to add to this..

It's 11.30pm and still no power .... the winds not as strong and we've had some rain....not looking forward to tomorrow when a big clean up job awaits me ..

              Well I must away and get ready for bed.....

                  Happy stitching and stay safe.

                              Hugs  Maria X


  1. talk about high's--time with friends and sunshine--
    and then low's--no electric--but what would set my teeth on edge is all the cleaning
    you have to do now--wow--makes my cleaning and decorating next week or so look like play!!
    (though I don't have any real ideas yet--or how to do the ideas I do have--!!)
    take care--put on some happy music while cleaning and dance your way through it!!
    luv, di

  2. What a great way to catch up with your stitching friends. Mother Nature is at it again. Lucky you have a generator as I know all too well what it is like to be without power. Good luck with the cleaning.

  3. Glad you are safe and well prepared for any power cuts.... cleaning up dust is a bore of a job. Lovely projects to work on ... great for hiding indoors during storms!

  4. What a contrast in the weather!! I would not be happy having to clean up after that. I hope the weather settles down for you now. Good you guys were ready with the generator. Lovely to catch up with your stitching friends, your projects look great Maria.

  5. The get together in the park was a wonderful idea... bet it was FuN... so jealous.
    Yes WA is getting a bashing please take care.
    Stay safe...xox

  6. Lovely to get together in the park
    Wow that storm must have been awful Cleaning will take up valuable sewing time
    Take care and stay safe xx

  7. Oh, wow! Hope you have help with all that cleaning. But the Tursday get-together looks like it was wonderful.

  8. what a mess! so sorry you are dealing with all of that

  9. That dust is awful. Is that normal?

  10. A dust storm, seems really nasty event to go through.

  11. That dust looks very unpleasant! I hope it didn't creep into your sewing machine too. With the generator you were well prepared for a power cut.

  12. Thinking of you. Hope your power got back on during the night and the clean up won't take long.

  13. So lovely to be able to get together in the park like that. Goodness me - do you often get storms like that? Looks to me like a major spring cleaning effort. Well at least you were able to keep occupied with you generators. xx

  14. You had a lovely day for your catchup! Dust storms are gets in everywhere. I do hope the rain settled the dust and was of some benefit for you. Thank goodness for a generator!

  15. Oh that's awful!! Hope there are no more dust storms heading your way - it seems like rain would be a whole lot more useful! Hope the cleanup didn't take too long..... and the power came back on too? Lucky you have a that standard, for people to have one? We have one we can run the milking shed with (it's attached to the tractor) but nothing for the house. So lovely you got to sew with your friends - and that you could spend the stormy hours sewing too.

  16. So lovely you could spend time with your friends - it makes all the difference to this isolation, doesn't it? What a huge dust storm! And more lovely, bright, happy sewing.

  17. Hi Maria what a bummer about the dust storms,we have enough trouble with the dust from the wood fire,so i can imagine how trouble it would be to clean up after that. What fun catching up with friends ,great work on your quilt ,well done Maria xx

  18. Wow that is such a difference! I'm glad you had nice weather to meet with your patch group. I hope the clean up wasn't too horrific x

  19. Heard the weather was bad..... What a great dust storm.... Looks like you really live at my plac .... Gosh I don't miss them....


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