Saturday, May 16, 2020

FNSI for May .....

Now all the trees on "The Block" have been trimmed it was time yesterday morning  to pull out some stumps .

then I got showered had lunch and afterwards I went in the Cave for a nice early start to FNSI with Wendy and cyber friends....

A few weeks ago I bravely cut into my bundle of  fat quarters  "Play All Day"  by American Jane

and got the side pieces sewn onto the main part and then spent HOURS with them on the design wall  shifting them each time I wasn't happy with where they were or the wrong way round ... I was really getting tired of looking at it......

Finally yesterday I thought I had it right and had sewn the first four rows together 

BUT !   Can you see the ONE block that has been sewn in wrong ????? GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Sew I walked away organised dinner and afterwards came back and played with some left over 2 1/2" blocks from my Scrappy Flip Flop . I had been using them as a leader and ender project....
I've made another 9 blocks and found two different greens for sashing and its a lap size quilt....

I still have some more blocks in the box and could add another row ????
Maybe ?????

Then onto two blocks I have here to complete as our Patch group is making a comfort quilt for one of our ladies in town who lost her husband to Gillian Barre Syndrome a few weeks ago during Covid 19 which has made it much harder for her...

It will be a pretty when all the blocks are put together....

Thank you Wendy for another enjoyable time sewing and don't forget to visit others HERE to see what they've worked on....

Must away as another day has slipped by again and it's time for dinner ...

Happy stitching and stay safe..

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Pretty flower prints! I can't find the mischievous block, and I really tried. - Your applique rose looks lovely, and together you will make an amazing quilt for your friend.

  2. I love all your projects and your materials too! I love American Jane. So sorry about your friend's husband. I'm sure your gift will bring her comfort.

  3. So many pretty colorful fabrics! And you always turn them into something cute. Lots of work done out on the block, too! Keep up the good work.

  4. Great work on the property. Hours can certainly get away when playing around with placement. How annoying about the "wrong" way up one.

  5. Lovely projects you are working on. The quilt from for your friend will look wonderful. Hugs,xx

  6. That is hard work getting tree stumps out!! The flower you are working on has very pretty fabric. That is a shame you had a whoops with that block after all the work you have done. They are very pretty fabrics you are using. I like your scrappy flip flop.

  7. The block must be looking very neat and tidy
    Lovely of you all to make your friend a comfort quilt It will mean so much to her

  8. Bummer about the mishap. Love the fabrics American Jane. That's hard work with the trees and stumps. Good on you two.
    Sorry about the guild member but your support will be appreciated.

  9. Great work getting the trees trimmed and now the stumps pulled - your block will be looking nice and tidy now! The Play All Day range looks lovely - I can understand the frustration after being so careful and still getting an arrrgghhh moment! I love the flower block you are making for a comfort quilt - it would be a really difficult time to lose someone.

  10. The American Jane fabrics are lovely. It took me a while to spot the mistake! How annoying. xx

  11. That's hard yakka Maria! Frustrating about the blip! But both projects look lovely. I am sorry to hear about your friends husband. Her beautiful quilt will certainly be a comfort xx

  12. Those are some lovely projects. Well done!

  13. You certainly earnt your sewing time... have you ventured back to the problem top yet???
    Lol...don't you hate it when you think you are sailing along merrily.

  14. You have a fair bit going on. I wouldnt have noticed the mis-sewn piece if you hadnt pointed it out. Lovely projects all around.

  15. I have only one spare block. I'm not sure if it's a flip, or a flop. LOL But I'm really not sure what to do with it.
    Your play all day tumblers looked fine, until you asked about the one.... Could you just leave it?

  16. American Jane is just the cheeriest fabric. There is no way one can be sad while working with it. The answer to your question is NO I can't for the life of me find that block going the wrong way.

  17. Hi Maria beautiful work ,lots of gorgeous projects on the go ,well done xx


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