Saturday, May 30, 2020

GTG, OPAM and Woofa Finishes......

Another week and month has flown by so it's time to post my finishes with the lovely ladies Kris for OPAM and Cheryll for the WOOFA Challenge. But first I have some Show and Tell one of our Patch members brought along this week at our GTG....

We met at the Marina in the shelter and it was a lovely spot to sit chat and do some hand sewing, well I think we did more chatting....

( you can see where we do some of our fabric shopping !!)

Remember the block I made HERE .They are now all sewn together .. I really like  how the flimsy looks.... It's now off to be quilted....

Yvonne has been very busy while in isolation and made and quilted the above quilt and also got her "Angels Story " made into a flimsy ..

After the GTG I went to the clubroom ( by myself ) and pinned two quilts...

  Above is " Oh My Star " by Pat Sloan and the WOOFA Challenge and also my OPAM finish for May.....

Thanks to both ladies for keeping me focused to get at least one finish this month.....

 these blocks sewn together are the ones left over from the Scrappy Flip Flop Quilt .. Be great to have that finished soon....

Well must away and find my No 11 for Sunday Stitchers and work on it......

Have a happy and safe weekend..

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Great to have got together and lovely show and tell.... I do like how that roses quilt turned out.... you have done lots yourself. wonderful that you get to use a nice table to help when you are pinning quilts...

    Have a lovely weekend....xx

  2. Our quilting group is going to try an "outdoors" meeting in a couple of weeks - weather permitting of course. A very productive group of ladies and great work on the pinning.

  3. Hi Maria what a wonderful show and tell ,love the angels quilt the colours are beautiful. Well done on your beautiful work,hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. I bet you gals had lots of chatting to catch up on--looks like a lovely place to get together at--and nice show and tell --all such lovely quilts--
    and you have been busy bee yourself by the looks--great job!!
    stay safe, luv, di

  5. Your memorial quilt flimsy looks wonderful & I'm sure it will be loved.
    Bet it was noisy with all that catching up too.
    Great effort finishing the monthly WOOFA challenge too... so well done xox

  6. Your pinned quilts are looking great and so nice to catch up and chat and chat some more xx

  7. How nice to have a get together in that beautiful location. You had lots of show and tell to look at, the roses quilt is beautiful and it is great to get the use of that big table for pinning. You are are working on two lovely quilts there Maria.

  8. Top spot for a get together. Gorgeous show and tell. Nice to see another Angel Story in the world. Good prep work pinning x

  9. Your meeting and your virtual sewing meetings really keep you productive! The rose quilt is lovely. A big table for pinning quilts is something I really miss from my sewing class that no longer exists.

  10. what a fun get together for you and your stitching friends! And all the quilts are lovely. Love the Oh My Star!

  11. beautiful quilts all around! How nice you could gather and share. I hope we can do that soon.

  12. Oh! Fun, a stitchy get together. That must have been great after all the distancing.
    Love the show and tell.
    How will you quilt your smaller flip flop quilt?

  13. Isn't it nice that we can now start getting out to sew with friends? We have a small group that is meeting in a gazebo, so we're outdoors and safely distanced. It's just so nice to be around people again. I love your quilt with the big flowers. How pretty!

  14. Great that you all got to meet up.... It's thinking of different ways to do things now days....

  15. Oh My Star is such a sweet quilt! So glad you had a get together!


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