Saturday, February 22, 2020

FNSI for Feb 2020

Oh it's RAINING, such a beautiful sound on our roof.... haven't had any wet stuff since last October. Lovely to hear our water tanks filling up as our water supply was getting low....
Such a great sound to listen to last night as I sewed along with Wendy for our FNSI....

I actually got the borders of FROLIC sewn together and on...

and Taa Dahhhhhhh !!!!!! 

                                                        it's a flimsy.     
Now to find a backing for it, then sandwich, pin and get it quilted....
I only did 9 blocks but it makes up a nice Lap size and I can't believe " I'm HAPPY with it "

As it was still early enough to do some more I sewed three more blocks for the " Flip Flop Scraps" project....

Must away now and cut some more 2 1/2" squares..

Happy stitching and stay safe....

Hugs  Maria  ❤



  1. Congratulations on your flimsy and oh it is delightful! I love it. xx

  2. Well done with the Frolic top!

  3. So pleased you are getting some lovely rain, just what the country needs. And your water tanks too.

  4. Your Frolic flimsy turned out beautifully with the 9 block setting. It does make a nice sized lap quilt.

    Isn’t the sound of rain comforting? We had rain in the forecast for last night, but only got a few sprinkles. 😢

    Those Flip Flop blocks are a great use of the 2.5” squares.

  5. So pleased you finally got some rain Nice to have some go into your tanks Are the tanks your only water supply? We rely on tanks but not usually a worry here
    Your frolic flimsy is lovely

  6. Glad to hear that you have rain finally especially when relying on tank water. Frolic is looking gorgeous. You can come and help me cut some 2 1/2" blocks - a job I keep putting off.

  7. Maria your quilt top looks beautiful, and yes, rain does make a lovely sound when you haven't had it for so long.

  8. so glad to hear you are having a bit of rain, hope you get a really good dose. the quilt top is really lovely. well done. back to those squares now....

  9. Glad to hear you are getting some rain. Love your flimsy. Hugs,xx

  10. Hello Maria.

    Isn't the rain just wonderful. The clouds are rumbling outside now but I don't expect to get much. Lovely bright sewing projects.

    Happy days.

  11. It's good to see your progress on your flip flops.

  12. Top marks for persistence with Frolic - it really is lovely, and I hope you feel good when you look at it rather than the frustration of the reverse sewing you had to do. Maybe your mojo will return now. So glad you've had some rain - hopefully it was a decent amount that will keep your tank full for a while.

  13. Frolic is beautiful! Well done! You had a very productive night. Glad you had rain on the roof and in your tanks xx

  14. Frolic looks amazing!! Congratulations on your flimsy finish. Glad to hear you have had some rain. It's always so satisfying to be tucked up sewing hearing the rain fall around you x


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