Friday, February 21, 2020

A little Trip and FNSI

Last December we finally retired our dear old Viscount 77' model PopUp which we had for 0ver 37 years....


We had many family holidays  and several trips round Aussie ...

Made lots of happy memories

Was a little sad to see her go but I was happy a young family now has her and they will also have lots of fun tripping around...

This is our updated Pop Top....

and I must say it is much easier to get around the bed as the old girl had the bed against the wall.....

We went for a test run along the coast for a few days this week and learnt how things worked ......

Lacy loved coming with us and enjoyed running free along the beach....

It's good to get home in time to sew along with Wendy and my virtual friends for FNSI as I seam to have lost my mojo and it may help get me enthused again......

It's not to late for you to still join in, just pop over HERE and sign up....

Must away and sort some projects ......

Happy Stitching and stay safe..

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Very special to have a new pop top, lots of adventures in store for you.
    Hope your mojo returns.

  2. What fun! I hope you have another 37 years of travelling in this van.

  3. Oh I can see lots of neat adventures in your future--what a cute camper--
    and that is a beautiful quilt on that new bed--
    as for mojo-thing spring--oh forget it might be a different season there coming up--but--think spring anyways--bunnies, tulips, easter eggs, chicks (chooks to you)--that is what I am doing anyways--designed me a bunny wall hanging today--now to get it started!!
    luv, di

  4. oh wonderful, lots of new holiday memories to make now. and great to make it a bit easier to make the bed too! HOpe there is a nice place for you to put your sewing in there...

  5. The new caravan looks super swish - I am sure that you will create lots of lovely new memories travelling around in her.

  6. Love your new van Maria - now for for tripping around 'the block'. Counting down the weeks 'til we go west and see what you have to show us. Have a good wekend.

  7. Oh it looks fabulous and a comfortable way to travel!

  8. Great going having the van for 37 years! Here's to many happy memories and another 37 years with your new van x


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