Friday, November 29, 2019

The Week that Was!

Another week has disappeared and only a few days left of this month too!  Each morning I join my friends to go for a dip.                                         

First we all fill our little buckets sew we can wash the sand off our feet before getting in our cars after our dip....

It's been beautiful the last few days but a little cold when we first get in.

On Thursday we enjoyed a cuppa at the Seaside Cafe before one of the ladies go on holiday.

I have been trying to finish the last UFO Challenge for  Sunday Stitchers ... I'm doing the buttonhole applique after I've sandwiched the wall hanging . As it slow close work I seam to be going cross eyed 

sew I'm  also quilting a Kids quilt to send over East as its just straight sewing...

and in the evenings I've been doing a little stitching on one of Michelle's lovely free designs she's kindly shared with us....

as well as doing some secret Christmas stuff...

OPPS !!!!
Look what was in hubby's pocket when I washed it....
Do hope they aren't the wining Nos on Saturday as I don't think we can claim it...

Have you noticed this new linky on the right of my sidebar ?
Cheryll starting a challenge next Year to help us finish our UFOs and even though I'm in OPAM and Sunday Stitchers Challenge I can always do with more folk to push me along to get UFOs done...
Do pop over HERE to join Cheryll ....

Must away as it's time to pick up hubby ....

Happy stitching,

Hugs Maria 😊


  1. The beach looks so amazing and a great way to start the day.

    Too bad about the lotto ticket!

  2. The beach you go to looks wonderful Maria, and the view from the cafe is stunning, what a relaxing place to sit. You have a production line going there in your sewing room. That button hole stitch does affect your eyes after a while, such close concentrating required 🤪. The stitchery from Michelle is lovely, shame about the ticket being washed!!

  3. Oh my dream is to live close enough to the beach for a daily morning bob.... and a lovely view at the café too! I love how you have both machines set up and sewing at the same time... well not sewing at the same time but that you can move from one to another! perfect. Good idea doing the stitching and quilting at the same time...

  4. Great way to start your day and always nice to have a cuppa with friends
    More lovely projects on the go

  5. I must get back into my daily swim - what with dust storms, smoke hazards and storms it has been put on he backburner. As always some lovely projects to share. Is hubby a registered player - if so they will pay on his card in due time.

  6. It looks like you have been getting delightful weather over there. We can’t say the same here. You’ve done well to get your UFOs done this year. I only finished one, but I didn’t create any more , so I call that a good year. You’re being very productive for Christmas. Good luck on completing more UFOs next year. I’m still tossing up whether or not to join in.

  7. Oops Maria, the only time you don't want to be lucky and win with that ticket. I'm so glad you are enjoying your daily swims... You are being very productive. That stitcher is very cute...

  8. Nice projects that you are working on and how lovely to have a daily swim in the sea. xx

  9. Hi Maria what a beautiful spot you live,it would be awesome to live so close to the ocean.
    Lovely projects,hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  10. Wow you have been busy. I love your start to the day - it must be so lovely x


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