Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ready to be Hung and FnwFs

I have been busy getting my quilts etc ready for the Quilt Hanging now only 10 days away..

Three to go into the " Christmas Room"

These will go into DD's and mine " Children's Room"

This pile are to be hung in the main display...

and these were made at workshops and will be displayed in the hall  along with ones other members have made  ...

Another month's flown by and as it's the first Friday of the month and it's time to join in for FnwFs........ Cheryll has just returned from their holidays and she has put up the link so don't forget to sign up for  a lovely evening if stitching along with her and friends HERE

Must away as its time to get some dinner..

Happy Stitching.

Hugs Maria 😊


  1. what a lovely collection to be hung! I can't wait to see pictures of this years hanging afterwards!

  2. Wow Maria, that a whole heap of quilts from you. I'm sure the exhibition will be delightful

  3. Lots of beautiful things for your quilt hanging.

  4. Well your first photo made my day Maria. What a beautiful pile of quilts for the sounds like it will be a wonderful show xx

  5. Oh my gosh that's a lot of quilts.... well done you and the displays will look amazing... don't forget lots of pictures...

  6. What an amazing contribution that you have made. See you Friday night.

  7. Goodness, what a lovely collection! xx

  8. You have so many lovely projects to hang, Maria. It's hard to believe the time has arrived for a new hanging. Where do the years go?

  9. Those quilts alone would make a lovely exhibition! It must be a big event, I would love to see shows like that. The idea of theme rooms is great, every quilt will look its best.

  10. Gosh Maria you are so productive!! I look forward to seeing photos of the show with your beauties displayed!

  11. My gosh, that's a lot of quilts! I read in annother post that your Hanging was a great success. Yeah!!


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