Thursday, October 31, 2019

Quilt Hanging 2019. Part 3 Photo heavy...

Two years ago I completed my Splendid Sampler quilt and some the ladies at Patch decided to to make the blocks as a group project.
They were completed in time to hang at the Quilt Show....

We also did  workshops on Bionic Bags
and Mondo Bags ......

Here are same more of my favorite quilts....

Some time ago one of lovely members Helen saw these flowers made from the top of drink bottles and decided they would be perfect for us to have them as decorations for the show and tables in the dining room...Lots of work by her and helpers but they were gorgeous....

It was very busy all day with folks enjoying a cuppa and home cooked goodie made by all our members. Also our great chef Linda baked fresh scones all day. Yummy..

Well that's all for this Quilt show , hope you enjoyed sharing some of it through my posts....

Must away and get some housework done.........

Happy Stitching

Hugs  Maria 😊


  1. Thanks for the photos, it has been good to see your wonderful quilt hanging.

    I was interested to see your Bionic bags as I have just bought a pattern and that is my next project after our quilt show this coming weekend.

  2. Oh Maria... thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics... I so enjoyed them.
    Loved the Splendid Sampler quilts especially & the milk bottle flowers looked fantastic... Well Done Ladies...xox

  3. I have really enjoyed "attending" the craft show. Love the plastic bottle flowers....I had to check them out on you-tube. Amazing.

  4. Oh my, what lovely quilts, so much hard work.
    The flowers are a delight.

  5. Amazing to see so many Splendid Sampler quilts! Loved being able to see all the beautiful work Maria. Thanks so much for sharing them. Lovely upcycling with the flower decorations too xx

  6. I notice housework is in very tiny print, I had a giggle!!! Hope it didn't take too long! Thank you for showing us all the beautiful quilts. I love that so many ladies have done the same blocks but put them together in a different way, they look amazing. Love the flower bottle tops too.

  7. Amazing show Maria - so many beautiful quilts. xx

  8. Thank you for showing all the amazing quilts! So many different Splendid Samplers, and wonderful big quilts. My favourite now is the one with big red flowers, it is different.

  9. Oh my what beautiful quilts and yummy looking food--
    and I know that lots of fun was added in for the day too!!
    luv, di

  10. The splendid sampler quilts are all gorgeous
    So many talented people who make such beautiful quilts

  11. Such beautiful quilts, I'd have a hard time picking a favorite.

  12. All the quilts are fantastic..

    What price was entry and how did you manage the food.
    Buy a plate or was it included.

  13. The quilts are fantastic to see.... I am constantly amazed at how different the 'same' quilt pattern will make into....
    The flowers are clever as well as pretty.... hope you got the horrible housework all done quick and got some sewing in...

  14. I love your sampler quilt! The others are all so unique too. There are some great quilts there. I loved the flag one too. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Maria, such clever ladies... love the different versions of splendid sampler.....

  16. Love this post - love all the variations on Splendid Sampler - love the flag quilt too. very clever flowers and a lovely way to decorate.

  17. Oh wow - I love the variations of the Sampler. Very clever. So many wonderful quilts; I too love the flag one! x


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