Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Quilt Hanging 2019 Part 1

Better late than never .. Finally I am able to do a post on our fabulous 2019 Quilt Hanging.

The Entrance on one side,

Raffle Quilt on the left,
Last Quilt Hangings "People's Choice Quilt"

The other side had a display of  "Sexy Hexies"

Along the back wall of the Recreation Centre is where we have our special display rooms.....

"Stitchery Display"
Many works by our members.

 "Vintage Display"
The quilt at the back was made from flour bags .

DD and I's

"Children's Display"

In the " Music Room" we were entertained by young students playing the key board or a guitar..

A display of some extra large quilts.....

Must away now as it's time for bed... Will do another post later to show you some more.

Happy Stitching

Hugs   Maria  😊


  1. Oh I love that name--Sexy Hexie's--
    and what lovely room arrangements with each area--
    looked like alot of work there--
    luv, di

  2. What a fabulous display of quilts. Love each of the themed "rooms". Congratulations to all those who participated.

  3. Such a wonderful display Maria, your group can be very proud of the beautiful work.

  4. Hi Maria wow what a wonderful display ,oh wish i lived closer so i could go,it all looks fantastic,thankyou for sharing with us xx

  5. a lovely show you all put together, I Love the idea of the 'rooms' and so beautifully set up as well as gorgeous quilts...

  6. What a fantastic display. Your pictures are great, but I wish I could see it for real.

  7. Maria that is such a beautiful display. How lovely to see so many areas well set up.

  8. Goodness Maria, what an amazing collection of work and so imaginatively displayed. xx

  9. The themed room idea is great. It looks like a lot of work went into not just the quilts, but into the displays as well.

  10. Wonderful quilt show. You all have put an amazing amount of time and work in it. I hope lots of people will come and see that.

  11. oh I've been waiting for this! wonderful! I can't wait to see more

  12. Thank you for sharing Maria, beautiful,quilts and I like how they have been displayed.

  13. Oh wow - I loved seeing your (part 1) photos!! The room you and your daughter did looks great. Well done to everybody, it looks like a fabulous event!

  14. Each & every room is absolutely FaNTasTiC. LoVe it all.
    I wish I could have been there to see it in person...
    Congrats on a wonderful display... xox

  15. What an amazing display. I loved the themed rooms and sections. So many beautiful quilts!

  16. So many beautiful displays....


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