Thursday, September 19, 2019

FNSI for Sept......

This Friday will be the third Friday of the month sew time to pop over to the lovely Wendy and sign up for FNSI..... I always enjoy my time crafting with Wendy  and visiting others to see what they've been working on..

I'll be busy trying to finish quilting my Land Down Under Quilt .  I scorched the bottom border when I decided I needed to press it before quilting the Flying Geese...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! not happy Jan as I had to unpick it and then cut and sew on the new border.......

All done now and ready to get on with the quilting....

What will you be working on over the weekend ??????

Must away now and do some boring food shopping...

Happy stitching 

Hugs  Maria 😊


  1. Glad you had more of that fabric to replace the border!

  2. I'm so glad you had spare fabric. I'll be driving to Melbourne for the weekend to celebrate my step sons 40th birthday so no sewing for me.

  3. Oh NO!!! - at least you had extra fabric. I've done that before - often when I've sprayed Best Press on warm fabric...
    I think I'll be sewing blue blocks for my Kinship Fusion Sampler - less than 20 to go.
    (need to be in my sewing space so DH can yell at the AFL referee/umpire... whatever . . .lol

  4. Hi Maria oh noo but glad you still had some of the fabric,happy sewing my friend xx

  5. I've done that too. It is so frustrating and so much work to repair.

  6. Woops! So good you had extra fabric to replace the border. Hope to get to some sewing soon, I should be vacuuming but am delaying!! Enjoy your sewing evening.

  7. oh no.... that scorch was annoying but glad you had a bit of that fabric to fix it.... Handsewing for the evening and if I am lucky a few sisters at the machine this weekend....

  8. Ouch! But all is well now, and you have been so busy with your quilts.

  9. Oh No! I read your 'finish' post before this one, so didn't realise you'd had this hiccup... you managed a good recovery Maria, well done

  10. Looking forward to seeing how you have quilted this! Glad you had some spare border fabric (I bet you were too!)


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