Friday, July 12, 2019

Christmas in July

Back in May the lovely Cheryll from Gone Stitching  asked if anyone would like to do a swap for Christmas in July ....
We were asked to send three gifts, a sewing item. a handmade gift in her colour choice and something just for her.....
As it had been sew long since I participated in a swap I was happy to join in.
My partner was Sherry who lives in US. Her colour choice was Purple or Yellow...
I found the two Fat Quarters and made her a table runner....

Sewing item ...

A thread catcher

and something just for her I stitched a tiny hoop embroidery that is on a chain.

Sherry's parcel arrived this week
and I received these great useful gifts

A tea pouch, card holder, a coaster and small sketchbook'

My colour choice was Blues or blue/white and I am thrilled with the hand made gift Sherry made...

It's perfect on my bench where we make our cuppas........

Huge thank to Cheryll for organising the swap and Sherry for all my lovely gifts...

Must away and fed Lacy.....

Happy Stitching

Hugs  Maria 😊


  1. It's always great getting a surprise gift.

  2. I love the table runner, and the tiny embroidery. You've both made some lovely gifts.

  3. That sounds like a fun swap. You did a nice job on your gifts and the gifts you received from Sherry were so nice too.

  4. Lovely swap gifts-that you made and received--
    I always say I love pink first--but it is really blues that I have discovered that jump out to me and make my heart flutter--so you know that I love that table runner --too--
    enjoy, luv, di

  5. What a great swap Maria - I love what you sent Sherry and of course love what you received. Everyone always come s up with such great ideas for wee gifts :-) It's ages since I've done a swap too - I must look out for one for later in the year...!

  6. Lovely gifts given and received.

  7. Looks like a fun swap indeed!

  8. That was a fun swap.... lovely getting gifts and you sent gorgeous ones... love the tiny little stitchery...

  9. What a fun swap Maria ,I would've loved to have done this one but I knew that I would be away.
    Love the gifts you made and the ones you received,lovely swap ladies xx

  10. Lovely gifts both sent and received

  11. Wonderful gifts sent and received.

  12. Such lovely gifts! I specially love the blue table runner made for you, and the cute embroidery hoop you made! So sweet! xx

  13. Both collections are so lovely - I especially like the blue table runner. xx

  14. Christmas in July sounds cool. You gave and got lovely gifts. It's been years I've tried to do an exchange, but it didn't go well, so glad it did for you.

  15. Wow... both sending & receiving swap gifts are fantastic. Love them ALL...
    Thanks for playing along with us too... xox

  16. That was a lovely swap - beautiful gifts all round.


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