Saturday, December 29, 2018

Last OPAM for 2018

First I'd like to thank Kris and Peg for keeping me on track each month since joining them for OPAM eight years ago.. This year is our Patch Group's Quilt Hanging sew hope to join the ladies again for 2019 and get plenty of finishes..

The Scrappy Bon Bon Quilt is now complete and ready for Christmas 2019.... we had a Southern buster today sew it was challenging to get a good photo..

                                                                                    I quilted in between the Bon Bons with strings of tangled lights and just stippled the Bon Bons         

through the year I worked on a few special christmas gifts for my overseas blogging friends which I can now post....

For Ellyn I stitched the "Carolers" as I know she enjoys singing....

and for Sunny I enjoyed stitching all the Aussie creatures having a typical fun "Aussie Christmas."

Also made several festive Gnome Rug Mugs....

I think that's it for December finishes sew 

Must away and make my list of 12 UFO's sew I can join my Queensland friends "The Sunday Stitchers"...

Happy Stitching

Hugz Maria  😘


  1. all of your work is so beautiful! I love the treasures you sent to me and will display them every year at the holidays

  2. Your Bon bon quilt is awesome! And I LOVE my Aussie Christmas stitchery! I hung it the minute I opened it, and stop to admire it whenever I walk past. My little gnome sits by my sewing chair in the living room, and gets a lot of use.

  3. I love your Bon Bon quilt--nice groups of colors--and a nice finish--
    love all those 'gifty' gifts you made for everyone--
    I am joining a group for this next year where we will make a gift each week--(I might not be able to do the machine work til I get moved back to Fl but can do some of the other things--hopefully) I will have more on this sign up on a blog post soon--
    Take care and happy New Years--di

  4. Love them all, especially your bon bon quilt and those lovely little Christmas stitcheries.

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  6. Great projects, I love your quilt.
    I'm off to work on my UfO list as well.

  7. Hi Maria love all your beautiful finishes,have fun with the Sunday stitchers. Do you have any tips you can give me for your binding corners yours are perfect ,as hard as I try I can never get the corners nice and square like yours.

  8. Love your Bon Bon quilt....Beautiful! Gorgeous gifts made Maria....Love the Aussie Christmas party xx

  9. lots of lovely Christmas goodies made... the bon bon quilt is great... I don't remember seeing that one at all.... so fun...

  10. Your Christmas stitching projects are just wonderful, Maria. I'll bet they were loved.

    Your Bom Bom quilt is so pretty too, The quilting looks so nice on it.

  11. Your finished Bonbons look great, especially the quilting.
    You have some very lucky friends out there.

  12. Your quilt and gnomes are gorgeous...
    Happy New Year Maria... xox

  13. Well done with your lovely finishes.

  14. Stunning quilt, and I love your little gnomes! x


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