Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas !!!!!!

Lots of people love Christmas BUT I find it can be the saddest time of the year......that's why it makes me happy to receive beautiful cards and gifts from friends .... also it's  important for me to share with others who don't have anyone......

When I checked our mailbox this week a beautiful smell wafted out of the box....

A gift from  Christine ,
some time ago I read on her blog she'd made sweet Lavender Sachets 

I was delighted to receive a set and they smell divine... 

A few days later the mailbox was full of cards and parcels 

One from my Texas friend Ellyn and the other from Susan ...

Cutest "Angel" Ornament for 

and Ellyn made a lovely pouch with some beautiful  FQ fabrics ..

                            Huge thank you to ALL for making Christmas special for me....

Decided  yesterday to made these to share and tomorrow I'll put up a tree and some decorations.....

Must away to put the kettle on for a cuppa..

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria  😘


  1. Hi Maria what beautiful cards and gifts there to make you smile,love the xmas trees you have made,hope you have a lovely week my friend xx

  2. Love those trees.. do you use scraps of neutrals and add ribbons and Ric rac to the top.
    I see a little bell at the top too.. it's a great idea to add the folded ribbon for the trunk too.

  3. The best gifts include warm thoughts! Your little trees are cute and just perfect for a quilter.

  4. Yes, Christmas is not always the happy cheery time it should be. I am so glad your angel arrived - as I had posted three of them with no doubt Aus Post will be catching me up !!!
    Your trees look so lovely -and gorgeous gifts from others.

  5. How nice that Christmas is starting early for you! And you know that I like to extend it with my always-late gift! Your little trees are adorable. I think I'll start making some right away for one of my sewing groups for next year. Once your tree is up, perhaps you could come put mine up? Hoping it will happen later today......

  6. And as well--there is another card/gift flying your way--but may not make it by Christmas--it was mailed last Tuesday--and I never know how long it will take to get to you--!!
    Love the gifts you have received so far--I know that gifts from my blog friends always mean alot to me and actually make my Christmas 'bright'!!!
    enjoy, di

  7. You are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life. Enjoy.

  8. Beautiful gifts and I really love those little treesyou made. So sorry that Christmas can be a sad time for you, as it can be for others too. Hoping that your family and friends will be close and give you plenty of love.

  9. Its fun getting the ornis in the mail.... precious reminders from friends. Love your little trees.. they have come up well...

  10. Lovely gifts and your little trees are gorgeous
    I find Christmas sad but try to keep smiling
    Merry Christmas xx

  11. Love all your gifts and those little trees with candy cane are so adorable. :)

  12. so glad my bundle arrived and put a smile on your face! your little trees are so sweet. Hugs to you during the holiday season my friend

  13. Glad you liked your little sachets, Maria. You can imagine how our house smells when I strip the lavender. You have received some lovely gifts from Susan and Ellyn. Love the little trees. xxx

  14. What a lovely collection of gifts to brighten up Christmas.

  15. Lovely trees and beautiful gifts to help you smile.

  16. Cute little tree ornaments! Making gifts is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  17. What darling little Christmas trees! It must be fun to receive some little gifts in the post. Sadly, Christmas can be so hard for so many people. It's lovely that you can brighten their holidays.

  18. Beautiful gifts and it is lovely to receive nice mail. Love your tree decos too xx

  19. I don't think a lot of people realize how hard this time of the year is for many people. I'm happy to hear that you have some amazing friends that help you through this tough time. I love receiving cards in the mail. Makes me smile every time even if it's only from the website where I buy my cat's food lol. Your little trees are adorable.


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