Thursday, November 16, 2017

This and That... FNSI next week ......

A few weeks ago Jo from ButterZ had some great fabric on her blog I knew would be a perfect backing for a "Long Time" quilt I'm working on..
First Jo kindly checked out the store where she purchased it for me but they had sold out. Then she send me a photo of the salvage edge and I was able to chase the fabric up....
I was delighted when I received the lovely parcel from Spotlight... 

Isn't it just right......

 I have been busy putting the blocks of  Melissa's  "Round About Quilt Along" together... I did find it tricky and you can pick the first two I made as they'er a little wobbly...

Next week we can sew all the these blocks together .. I think six will make a lovely Baby's Quilt.

It's FNSI  next Friday as Wendy has had a very busy week.....

Iv'e got some secret sewing to do and also hope to finish quilting a Super Hero quilt now I have an extra week......

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. such pretty blocks! & yes, that backing is absolutely perfect!

  2. Your blocks look fantastic!!! And I can't tell which 2 were first, they all look great!!! This will be so cute :)

  3. That fabric is absolutely perfect and soooo cute. Glad that you found it.

    I almost joined that QAL, but the timing was not good for me. Yours looks great and will be a nice finish.

  4. That backing is perfect. The blocks for the front of the backing look great too

  5. Very pretty blocks will make a lovely baby's quilt. So lucky with the fabric from spotlight, it looks great.

  6. Great backing.... it is just perfect. I looked and looked to find the wobbly blocks to no avail... I think you know it cos you sewed it but the rest of us won't notice...

  7. Hi Maria that fabric sure is perfect,love your blocks,well done my friend xx

  8. Perfect foxy fabric - love the baby quilt..hard to spot the "wobblies".

  9. The animal quilt is super cute and the fabric suits perfectly for the backing. The new blocks look really good, I would not dream of making those curved seams!

  10. Oh yes, that fabric is just perfect. xx

  11. That fabric is so perfect Maria. The baby quilt will be lovely. I could't pick the wobbly blocks! xxx

  12. You are so right about the backing fabric. I'm so glad you found it.
    Well done. I

  13. Perfect backing fabric! I do love your other blocks....beautiful xx


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