Friday, November 24, 2017

The week that was and then FNSI.....

Iv'e been back bobbing with my friends every morning now the weather has warmed up..

See we fill our little buckets sew we can wash the sand off our feet before driving home...

Lots of secret sewing for overseas that Santa's Sleigh picked up this morning.

and doing some gardening when it cools down..

 Love this little fella basking in the sun.  Such a great pattern on his back...

Looking forward to joining Wendy for FNSI  as Iv'e got to work on some more Christmas things.....
If you haven't signed up yet you can still do sew HERE

AND tomorrow night it's the start of  Bonnie Hunter's  Mystery " On Ringo Lake "  for us... Sew I'll have two nights sewing along for FNSI......

Happy Stitching.
Hugz  Maria :)


  1. What a beautiful spot for bobbing!! Wonderful to be able to go swimming. I had a dip here yesterday, the water was cold but great once I got in. The buckets are a great idea. I like your little lizard! Sounds like you are going to be busy!!

  2. Hi Maria looks like you and the girls have a lot of fun bobbing around,love your little friend in the garden,hope you have a lovely day my friend 💋

  3. It must be good to be out bobbing again. I’m sure someone will enjoy receiving your parcel. I wonder what you will receive in return? Enjoy your stitching nights. I wonder how Bonnie’s quilt will start?

  4. looks like happy times there! enjoy your busy sewing weekend.

  5. I love your little buckets of water--how cute!! and am glad you can be back in the water!! we have alot of those lizard creatures here too--they are always run across the path in front of me when I walk the trail--we have some that are really small here--about 2 inches and some are more like 10 inches with those long skinny tales--
    have fun stitching-
    enjoy the moments, di

  6. HI Maria, it sounds like you are enjoying being back in the ocean again - exercising with friends like that always sounds great! I hope your sewing weekend is going well :-)

  7. Looks like fun there in the water. Love the bucket idea. Can't wait to see you mystery quilt blocks/rows. Hugs,xx

  8. Love the idea with the little buckets... such clever bobbers you all are! Well done getting parcels off... I do love lizards and that's a beauty

  9. So glad you are back to bobbing again. I can hardly wait to start on the mystery quilt.


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