Thursday, October 5, 2017

Don't forget to sign up for FnwFs.. we've been Busy !!

Not much sewing going on here as we've been busy raking, raking and raking........It's lovely to live on 5 acres but boy there's always something to keep us busy.....

This load is just from under one BIG gum tree, there's at least 50 + more on the block. Can you see my helper?

More piles ranked , will load them up after hubby empty s the trailer....

Sew I am really looking forward to a relaxing evening sewing along with Cheryll and friends for another FnwFs  tomorrow.... Yeh !!

Must go now as I hear the quad returning with the empty trailer.....

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. phew lots to clear... what do you do with it all..... good you have a cute helper...

  2. Oh boy I don't miss all that clearing of a property. Oh boy. Thanks for the reminder of FNWF. I have been flat out lately and have to catch up... good luck with the rest of the clean up.

  3. We live in the bush so we don't clean up around the gums thankfully, but we do have to clean our tennis court numerous time a week :-( . Our verandahs are always covered with gum leaves and flowers. My sister once said to me "gee Helen why don't you sweep off your verandahs?" to which I replied "what makes you think that I don't?" - I could spend all day out there and they will still be covered with the gum tree fallout! I had thought to join FNWF this week.... but I'm off to the Craft Show tomorrow :-) so I think I'll be sitting looking at all the wonderful buys from the day :-) :-) .

  4. It is always great when one has a helper--especially such a 'cute' one!!
    I remember having to rack thousands of fall leaves---
    think I will stick to sewing and knitting!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. I imagine 5 acres would keep you busy...Enjoy FNWF - may need to pass tonight - we are going bare foot bowling ...then again we might be home early...

  6. I am going to have to research gum trees. Those are huge loads to haul away. Are they branches or leaves?

    I am sure you are enjoying your sewing time with friends to relax after the hard work.

  7. Raking season is starting here too! Yellow leaves gather in corners and cover the lawn soon. Working outdoors with DH is nice when the weather is fine.

  8. My goodness that is a lot of work, I hooe the helper was helping!!! And that you got some sewing time.


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