Sunday, May 31, 2015

Out in the Sunshine, some partying with Chooky and OPAM for May

It was such a beautiful morning that I went for a longer walk along the beach and then sat at the seaside cafe with the ladies till  10.30 am.

As I drove home I had to smile as someone decided that this was the perfect place to put their cross trainer... Must say it is a amazing view.....

when I got home I played with this quilt getting it ready to put under the machine to quilt.

I needed to stretch for awhile sew I had lunch . Then I went out on the block and planted some bulbs around a few trees and did a bit of raking.....

must say the help wasn't much good.  Lacy spread the leaves as quickly as I raked......

after dinner and House Rules I did a little quilting....

Thanks Chooky for inviting me to party with you and all the ladies....Will pop over here and see what others have made through the week.....

Now for my small finishes for May's OPAM....Thank you Peg and  Kris for keeping me on track each month........

1.....    I finished the last of DDs  UFOs . A cute Candle Mat. 

and you can see my other finishes in the previous post.

6  Toilet Bags  and 2 Stitchery Rolls........

and now for bed  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hugz  Maria


  1. what a wonderful place to exercise .. true motivation x how nice to have "help" in the garden xx lol x

  2. Your quilt is looking fantastic, Maria. The candle mat is very cute.

  3. love the colours in your quilt... did you mark your big petals for quilting.. they look so perfectly rounded...

  4. Such a beautiful day it was yesterday....I sat and had luch outside.
    Love your quilt, and the acheived so much over the weekend.

  5. Hi Maria ,I also love the colours in your quilt,lol Lucy is funny,love the cross trainer on the beach.xx

  6. gorgeous soft colours in your quilt and the quilting looks great.
    I though Lacy was helping you plant the bulbs, gotta love a terrier doing what terriers do.
    HOpe you jumped on the cross trainer?
    sounds like a lovely weekend and the sun is shining.
    Typical Melbourne weather here, rain, sun, cloud, just wait for the one you want!

  7. I agree with Marina - beautiful soft colors. I've sewed all day, but our internet was out until just a few minutes ago, so I need to do a post about my progress. If I lived near the shore, I'm not sure how much sewing I would ever get done.

  8. Such lovely soft colours, love your view!

  9. thanks so much for joining the party.............goodluck getting your quilting finished................

  10. you've earned your rest! good to see Lacy helping out with the yard work, LOL

  11. Cheeky Lacy!
    Sounds like a lovely walk... love the x-trainer... that's a lovely quilt you're doing... did I see it in progress?

  12. Lovely work. I'm with Fiona... Did you mark your circles for quilting

  13. Wow I would use that cross trainer I hate those things!!
    Great finishes Mum, the snow man looks so much better with a mouth.
    Love you

  14. That's mighty fine quilting! Guess I'm not the only one curious if you marked your quilt, or maybe used a ruler.


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