Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friday and Saturday with Chooky and Friends

I got organised early Friday afternoon to join Chooky   for her Chookshed Party...

First I got my postcard made for my Swap with Sheila.

sorry that's all I can show you.....

Next I got  my homework done for our Bargello workshop next Saturday.....

cutting all my strips ready to sew...

Then it was time to pick up DH from the RSL and have some dinner....

Afterwards I cut and made 6 Toilet Bags to send to Fiona..

before I knew it it was 1.30am.. Time to got to bed.......


After a sleep in, brekky,  and  lovely walk along the beach  I got organised to sew a few Stitchery Rolls..

Time for lunch and a break.....

No 2 ......

They took longer than I thought but decided I would make another for the gift box until 

I cut it on the fold instead of the open edge  

Sew it's time to quit, write this post and off to bed.....

Hugz  Maria.....

P.S..Blogger still not letting me use Windows Live Writer..   :( 


  1. A very productive couple of days! Sorry about that last oops.

  2. wow--you partied--did you eat some 'cake' too or some chocolate to celebrate????
    love your projects--

  3. Very productive. Great projects. Hugs,xx

  4. you did got lots done...................

  5. Lots done, a walk on the beach sounds perfect

  6. wow, you got a lot done......we should party more often.

  7. lots of sewing there, I have been meaning to make myself one of those block rolls for months. Made one for my mum but didn't get mine done. You've inspired me to get organised and make mine too.

  8. Great,project I a, having an issue as well xxx

  9. Oh that's a bugger about the bung cutting Maria, can it be remedied?
    I had a lovely chat with Jan Martin today at the Pinjarra Festival - she's getting her head around the Bargello too... all sounds a bit daunting to me!! Good luck with it Maria x

  10. you sewed lots.... I must get my postcard off... White Light will be so happy with those bags... they look wonderful.. thanks so much...
    love the block rolls... I onluy have a huge one..that looks a much more respectable size... oooops on the last one... you know it's bedtime when you do that!!


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