Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I have

been doing while it’s soooo hot… in 40s cel….

Going for my morning bob with the ladies.

001 (2)

These are the little buckets we fill with water sew we can wash the sand from our feet before getting in our cars… LOL…

Cleaning out the cave. I need to be brave and toss some things…..


Found lots of plastic bags with projects I have cut out and never did anymore… Sew have also started my UFO list for 2014…..

UFOs for 2014 (6)

UFOs for 2014 (4)

UFOs for 2014 (3)

Joined Terry and friends for this "Goodnight Irene" Sew-Along 2014

irene button

and then I needed to cut these….


70  X  4 1/2” white Squares and 550  X  2 1/2” ……. May need more later……

Also organised my lovely spotty fabrics I received for my B/D in the FQ B/D Swap and others from blogging friend Ellyn in Texas…..


Looking forward to starting at least one of these soon…BUT I must do some of my UFOs first…..

Thinking of the great people out there fighting all the fires… Keep safe…..

Hugz  Maria


  1. The fires are still burning? Wow. We don't hear about that so much here in the states unless it is near a city and we have them going on too.

    Mostly we have blizzards, in the Al Gore Global Warming Fiasco. They make the news!

  2. I wish I could go to the beach. Your goodnight Irene fabrics look great! I can't wait to see your blocks! :0)

  3. Hope your wrist isn't to sore from all that cutting lol can't wait to see the result.

  4. Great way to stay cool... Lovely fabric for your your GNI quilt. Lots of cutting.....

  5. I like your idea of little buckets to wash you feet before getting into the car, Maria. You're going to be busy looking by the UFO bags but then again, you are always busy sewing! LOL! Can't wait to seeing your spotty quilts!

  6. looks like you are getting well sorted for this next year... hope you keep cool and our firies keep safe....

  7. those polka dots make me smile every time! can't wait to see all of your projects finished

  8. lots of lovely projects there!
    look forward to seeing them come to life.
    boy there are a lot of little squares to be cut out for your sew along....

  9. Yes been doing a bit of that bobbing in the pool... also looking at boxes with bags in it... also finishing a couple of UFO's... but I must confess I started making little wristlet bags and I should be doing a grandie quilt... hopeless I am... love your fabric choice for Terry's QAL xxx

  10. Lots happening in your sewing cave. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of all that preparation.

  11. 550 little squares - that is tedious bit its done. Those UFO lists can get scary too...Good Luck finishing them and not starting too many more new things in the process (always my downfall)

  12. I'm doing the Goodnight Irene too. It looks like you have lots of UFOs for the year.

    Stay cool. We have the fires here too - and it's winter!!

  13. Hey that's a pretty good idea you gals have to make ready the water!!! Hope the weather doesnt be too harsh for long. I know how you feel. Good luck with all the ufo's,
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. You are so organized Maria.
    You'll have those UFO's finished in no time.
    Have fun with your 550 little squares..
    Julia ♥

  15. Even the sand on the beach looks hot! Love all your dots. They will look wonderful in a quilt!

  16. I would on the beach too!

    Love those aqua and red color fabrics. :)

  17. Hi Maria! Happy New Year to you. I envy you being on the beach as I type this from grey cold misty England. Looking forward to seeing all those UFOs being finished and gorgeous! xCathy

  18. Hi Maria, you have some interesting looking packs there, I love the look of the Goodnight Irene, good luck with that, not that you will need it!
    I saw that Sparkle quilt pattern on a website, but they had sold out, I will be keenly watching yours come together with those gorgeous fabrics... x


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