Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A few of my UFOs….

After going through last year's UFO list I realised there are still some that need to be finished sew this year I will only list a few at a time… do you think that will work ??

Lynette Anderson’s “Château Hexagon” BOM


and also her “Fernhill” BOM.
Hope to have these done by the end of the year.


Ellyn’s Blocks need to be sewn together, sandwiched and quilted.

Ellyn's Blocks

and a Tiny Tote.. which I found tucked away in the mag..

tiny tote

I do hope to work on my 1 1/2” Postage Stamp too as I started this in 2011..

Postage Stamp Quilt 2011

and the Scrappy round the World …

UFOs for 2014 (2)

This needs to be made too…..

003 (4)

Okay that will do for now, see how I go..
Hugz  Maria


  1. Looks as though you have plenty to keep you busy for a little while!! I came across 3 stitcheries this morning that would love to be made into something! I think that will be my focus.

  2. I know you will make quick work of all of the UFOs. We'll all be following along.

  3. Omg,you have some catching up to do,good luck.
    I love that Chateau hexagon,I can't get it here .xx

  4. You have some lovely projects to focus on Maria . I have plenty too , just need a push to get going ;-)

  5. Well--at least you have them started--
    sometimes that is the 'key' to finishing them!!!
    another trick that sometimes works for me is--like with this assortment--
    deciding when one is the oldest one--and doing that one first and going on from there!!!
    this year my goal is one month picking 5 wips and finishing them by months end--next month will be only 3 and then will a couple 'whole' new projects--start to finish--and then in March will be all wips again!!!
    send me some heat!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. It must be the year for finishing old projects. Good luck I am also trying to focus on finishing old projects :)

  7. I'm like you, with heaps of half started projects. I've just taken out a quilt started years ago, it's half quilted, so that's not too bad. Now it's out and looking at me, I'll start on it again. Plus another couple of new projects too.

  8. Good luck Maria. Lot's of lovely projects. I have also decided that the ufo's are going to be worked on this year. Maybe the tops won't get quilted but at least they'll be tops rather than cut out pieces which most of them have been for quite a number of years. Hugs,xx

  9. you can do it! and they will all be lovely when they're done!

  10. you have lots of projects on the go to inspire you. will be lovely to see them progress and get finished.

  11. that's the list for February...LOL
    Most of us have that problem..always too many new nice things to start.

  12. Maria, Lets see how many you get finished by our next gathering...
    They are worth a finish...go Maria!

  13. haha... theres a few hours work there.... such lovely projects though... we can sew together on our ufo's....

  14. Hello Maria,

    Good luck with them, does this mean you won't be starting anything new???
    Happy finishing.

  15. Go girl you can do it......I also have your number one project at my place....LOL

  16. LOL Maria! I had the same idea for my UFO's!!!
    I wonder if all crafters get the UFO guilt's around new year???
    I'll cheering for you!!
    Barb :)

  17. Oh goodness - you have a lot of work ahead of you, Maria! A few years ago I decided to dedicate one whole year to completing UFO projects. I stuck to it, and think I finished about 9 of them (mostly cross stitch back then), and I was so pleased with myself at the end of the year! I made a firm promise to myself that I'd never again let so many projects go unfinished, and I'm happy to say that although there are two or three large cross stitch UFOs still to do, I've been very diligent and finished most projects in recent years.
    Good luck!

  18. Lol......we seem to all be in similar boats.....I mentioned to my Sis yesterday that I work faster when I am working on a gift than when I am working on another project. I think this is the year I work on UFO's too!

  19. Another busy year for your Maria - so many pretty goodies.

  20. this must be the year of finishes. I decided to find out why I have not finished it and solve the issue OnE by one. I am not making a list. just working on one till done. a purpose seems to work too.

  21. What a beautiful program !!


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