Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some Me Time!!!

For the past few days DH was in the big smoke for an appointment and to spend some time with our DD and family. Sew I had a bit of “Me time”.

The first day it was wet and cold sew I worked on some secret sewing…







Also decided to re pot my plant that lived on the fridge. When I went to lift it down this happened…Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

001 (2)



After cleaning up the mess it was re potted. Looks great on my pretty table runner Teresa made for me..


Day two and the sun was shining. Great time to do some mowing on the block..




It was challenging to find the ride on which was tucked away to the left of all DH’s toys.



Hmmmm Messy Shed…….


Today I sat on the patio and tried to work on some more secret stuff but someone wanted to play…..





Have a great weekend and I hope you get to stitch.

Hugz  Maria

Pssst  I have also signed up again for Cheryll's "Santa Sack Swap" 

santa swap 2013

You can go over HERE to join in the fun……


  1. fun for you! I had the house to myself last night and worked on some little projects too...

  2. "Me" time is always wonderful.

  3. Don't touch the shed, I'm sure your bloke knows exactly where everything is. Give Lacy a pat for me, she's missing her Daddy.

  4. haha.. busy busy making most of the time you have!

  5. aww... how could you not 'play' with that beautiful little face resting on your knee pleading!! A great 'me' time weekend!

  6. Looks like you've been having a great time.

  7. Ahh..I love Home Alone Time! After seeing all of dh's toys, your sewing supplies don't look nearly enough, to they?? LOL! Enjoy the rest of your time.

  8. It's lovely to have 'me' time..looks like you have a lot of lawn to mow there...and it must be hard to resist that cute little face looking at you and wanting to play..

  9. I also did the me time thing as well.....lots happening at your place....I have also signed up, should be fun....

  10. looks like you spent your time well.
    your plant doesn't seem to have suffered too much, it looks lovely on your new runner.

  11. Ok I'm officially sucked in by your secret sewing. Glad you managed some time for your sewing.

  12. Enjoy your special me time Maria. I've signed up again for the Santa Sack. Aren't they so much fun!

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  14. Sounds like you enjoyed that 'me' time!