Thursday, June 27, 2013

OFW and OPAM for June….

Boy it is not only Wednesday again, it is only a few days to the end of this month and half of 2013 has flown by……..

thanks to Di I was able to stitch together the hexies she sent me for my flower this week…


If you enjoy sewing Flowers do join me at Karen's over HERE.

My OPAM finishes for this month are…… Drum Roll………..

“88th Street”  

Boy was that a huge quilt to pull around under my machine. It measures 85” X 65”. I had to put a line higher in my trees to take a full length photo of it sew you could see the little fence on the bottom……

The “Orange and Aqua” quilt posted HERE.

Three Mug Rugs…

1 e

002 (2)

Love this one I made for a swimming friend who is leaving town. Sad smile

Table centre For Clare. My “Let’s Celebrate “ partner.

003 (3)

and the three Baby Quilts for PNG in previous post..

and here is the Ellyn’s BOM little stitchery I have also completed….


Must have my Milo and go to bed sew I can have a good sleep before I go to Perth and then a sewing retreat for two and a half days… YAH!!!!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria


  1. Hi Maria--
    forgot to tell you that I love all your new photos at the top of your page!!!
    and you have some really pretty finishes there--way to go!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  2. look at how busy you have been! I just love how you finished out 88th Street! Your mug rugs are delightful! been meaning to ask....what does OPAM mean?

  3. Wow, another prolific month. LOVE your houses, the fence at the bottom - brilliant!!! Gorgeous hexie-flower - I am sure Di had lots of fun cutting and planning all those hexies!!

  4. wonderful finishes! I love your tractor flower and 88th street! All I can say is WOW! So awesome to see it finished

  5. Congrats on some great finishes , love those houses and your mug rugs are sweet as well !

  6. You show a lot of wonderful things. I love your house quilt. It looks like a lovely colorful street.

  7. You DO continue to make the cutest hexie flowers. I'm amazed all the number of projects you complete. Everything is so beautiful.

  8. You have been very busy and oh my goodness that quilt with all of the houses - it must have taken you forever! Well done!

  9. Yee Haw! You finished 88th Street! Good for you!! It is wonderful!!! Love your mug rugs as well.

  10. Your 88th Street quilt looks fabulous Maria. You must be so pleased with it. Lots of other great projects to. Have a lovely time on retreat.

  11. So many great finishes. I love Jill's mug rug and mug. She told me you'd given it to cute.

  12. I just adore your houses... well done on a fantastic finish..... you have got lots done this month....
    Have a great time at your retreat... I'm sure you will have something delicious to show us...

  13. Wow Maria, lovely finishes. How cute is that flower!
    ...and the houses are adorable,
    Enjoy the retreat.

  14. First off... love the new photo's.
    2nd... wonderful mug rugs.
    3rd... very cute hexie flower.
    4th... love the other sewing.
    5th... OMG your house quilt is absolutely FANTASTIC... so much work has gone into it I bet you are so pleased with the final finish. xxx

  15. Oh you lucky girl... so go EnJoY!!!
    Love all your OPAM projects too... again...well done! :)

  16. That is one very cute flower.
    Love your 88th st all the details are perfect.
    Enjoy the retreat.

  17. Fabulous sewing. Have lots of fun in Perth.

  18. Your new header looks fabulous. I love the farm flower!!! The tractor in the middle is darling.

    Your house quilt turned out wonderfully too. Great job.

    That bathing beauty fabric is too cute in a mug rug.

    Have a good time on your sewing retreat.

  19. oh boy Maria your projects are awesome my friend,love that quilt,gee i love them all well done on some beautiful finishes and have fun at your retreat.xx

  20. Wow!! You have been a busy girl - love your 88th St!!

  21. Woo Hoo Maria - I love love love the big quilt - and the fence too!!
    Some great finishes for you during June. Enjoy the Retreat x

  22. Huge effort there Maria - love your house quilt. it's been a pleasure watching this come together.

  23. That is a gorgeous lot of finishes for the month. I do love the house quilt - sure is big. Have a lovely time at your retreat - I am going on retreat on Monday for 3 days and cant wait.
    Hugs xx

  24. A very exciting post! You did a wonderful job with 88th St, love how you framed it, love the fence.

  25. Your 88th street looks fantastic as do all your projects. Love the hexie so cute :-))

  26. Love the house quilt. It has come up well. Lots ove other great projects done too.

  27. when do you sleep girl!??? LOL Great finishes all round! Loving that house quilt...but you knew that already!!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  28. I love the 88th Street, it's beautiful!

  29. Wow, all your projects are amazing, you got such a lot done! LOVE your houses and all your projects.

  30. Ha ha love the farm flower :)
    88th Street WOW! Love the border you came up with :)
    Such cute mug rugs, esp the last!
    Hope you had a lovely Milo, and I am sure you have had a fantastic 2 1/2 days :)

  31. O.M.G. How did I miss this?!? Your House quilt is AWESOME!!! What a wonderful finish. You know I love everything you make, but this is special. Thanks for sharing.

  32. once again I am put to shame by my friend Maria the quilting wonder. I love the finished quilt. It is the bomb......

  33. Whoa, the 88th Street quilt is gorgeous! I love that you used fabrics from pretty much the entire color spectrum, but not placed in a way that screams RAINBOW. I also like that the houses themselves kind of look like cottages in a little country village, but the number of them and the grid layout suggest an urban setting. Very clever!

    I'd love to see this on Kollabora, the crafting website I'm part of! They just added a quilting section.


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