Thursday, June 6, 2013

OH Look What I have Joined Now….

I just can’t help myself…

Last year I joined in the Beginner’s Quilt-A-Long at Quilting Gallery and enjoyed making a new block each month and then a nice Kid’s quilt.

Beginner's BOM 2012

Sew thought this would also be fun to participant in and now I HAVE to buy some fabric sew I can make the blocks  ..SIGH!!!!! 
Sew pop over HERE to see if you would like to join in too. the more the merrier Michelle says.

Hugz  Maria

Oh!!! see you tomorrow night for Friday night with Friends.....


  1. Oh no Maria! Will you be okay going to the shops to buy some more fabric? I'd come and help you if you didn't live so far away! LOL! xx

  2. My dear friend De emailed me a few days ago about this same quilt to ask me if I wanted to play along is tempting! xx debbie

  3. That's a hard call for you to have to sacrifice and go get some fabric... well done you....

  4. That shopping fir fabric will be so hard Maria. Enjoy, looks like fun.
    I have enough to do or I would join you.
    Julia ♥

  5. lol you cant help your self,lol,have fun Maria.xx

  6. Oh good - you found something to do with yourself! I know it's a sacrifice, but force yourself to buy fabric. It will all be okay.

  7. so sorry you have to go fabric shopping. sad day. LOL tell you what, I'll go buy some too in solidarity!

  8. I'll have to check that out Maria and I would be happy to help you shop especially if I decide to join in , I might just need fabric ;-)

  9. I would use any excuse to buy new fabric :) maybe I should be popping over too and taking a look :) hugs

  10. What a chore to have to go fabric shopping, Lovely quilt !!!

  11. Im going to sign up too! I do have quite a number of fat quarters to choose from.


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