Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keeping Busy..

Over the past few days I have been  pulling out these ……



Five trailer loads of Dongara Daisies.. Even though they look pretty they are an obnoxious weed.

and also turning my cave from this……..


to this……

now I need to put all my STUFF back…

Back bedroom                                                       Front bedroom



Corner of the lounge..

Will it all fit back in the cave again ????????

Sadly these guys won’t. Sad smile They are just too brittle. My GS1 and GD1 made them when they were in Kindy, 18 and 16 yrs ago….



Off to put the shelves back up sew I can put some STUFF on them…

Hugz  Maria


  1. We have 'pretty' weeds too. We turned cold and windy so have not got back out to the yard of weeding! Room looks nice and serene! I bet you will preform a magic trick and get it all back in!

  2. I hate those daisies. All we can do is slash and mow. They are in everyone's paddocks.
    Love your bright new space. Can't quite work out how you will get two rooms of stuff into one room.

  3. Good luck getting all of your things back into your cave! I love the fish - pity they can't go back up, they're priceless!

  4. Mum, you say my life is hectic!! Miss 5 trailer loads of weeds & a room painted.....I wonder where I got my habits :-)
    Great job I am sure you can sit for a while now & craft, coffee and chat.
    Good luck putting that hoard back in the cave.
    Love DD2

  5. Of course it will fit - it came out - and you organised as you went (??) so of course it will fit...LOL
    The fish are gorgeous - at least you have the photos now - maybe you can find a frame for each of them and a spare bit of wall...
    Ill bet you are keen to get back in there!

  6. you have quite a chore pulling all those weeds!
    enjoy reclaiming your revamped cave. shame the fish are too brittle to go back in.

  7. It must be the weather! I've been pulling weeds in our yard today... something I NEVER do, but for some reason I felt like it today. Tomorrow I will throw some fertiliser onto the poor bedraggled lawn and try and get some green grass back!

    Such fun to "re-do" a sewing room, have fun!!

  8. You have been working hard in the garden, we have salvations janes here, so pretty and purlple but poisonous to livestock.
    Cant wait to see the cave when you get it all back in

  9. so bright and clean! Have fun putting the cave back together. Maybe you need to frame photos of those lovely fish if they are too brittle to return? so sweet

  10. Boy Maria you have been very busy,ove your new cave.xx

  11. How did you get the painting done with all of the weed pulling????

    Good luck with it all fitting back in the space. Won't it be nice to know where it all is again?

  12. LOL! Now I remember why I don't paint my sewing room again. No place to put all the STUFF! The original color was very pretty - was it too dark for a cave?
    Have fun organising everything as it goes back in.....

  13. OH that looks much fresher now that it's painted. It will give the room a whole new energy and light.

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  15. You have been busy! Your sewing room is looking fresh and bright, it looks like a big job to put it back together :)

  16. You'll be able to work so much faster in your new light cave, Maria! I'm sure you'll get everything back in! Maybe you could find somewhere else to hang your fish.

  17. They are pretty weeds , too bad they are obnoxious . Your room is looking great and you know it makes me feel better to see how much you have in your room , as I am certain I have that and more.

  18. weeds just grow so well always dont they? your cave is looking good.. what a shame about the fish... so fun having them for so long...

  19. You certainly do keep busy. Your new cave will be back in working condition in no time.
    Enjoy sewing up a storm.

  20. You've been so busy. Won't know yourself in your new cave. I'm sure you'll find a spot for everything.

  21. Those sort of weeds really ought to look ugly so it is more fun to tear them all out! What a job doing 5 trailer loads! Of course all your stuff will fit in, and you will probably find some extra space too :)

  22. Hope you've finished all those jobs now so you can come for a restful Petite Retreat this weekend. See you soon.

  23. I have treasures from when my kids were in school too. And now I've started saving my GK art pieces. Oh woe is me... You will love your new room.

  24. We have some pretty wild flowers that luckily aren't really weeds. Those are some tall daisies and the stalks look tough. No fun pulling all those out I bet.

    Maybe you could put the fish between two pieces of vinyl so they can be hung back up in the cave. I also like the idea of framing them and hanging them on the wall. They have been saved this long it would be a shame to either lose them or put them away where they won't be seen.

    I love the fresh new sewing cave. Hopefully you can organize everything and get it all back in there.

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  26. Shame about the grandkids fish. Perhaps you could use the photos to have them framed on the wall somewhere instead. Have fun sorting through everything and putting it back in your cave. The colour looks great.


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