Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More lovelies on OFW

it is sew nice to have an extended birthday.. the squishies are still arriving in my mail box..

this one is from my blogging friend Ellyn all the way from Texas. I love the fabric Ellyn used to wrap my gift and special pin to fasten it.

inside is a graph book covered beautifully, (the card even matches) and a pack of coloured pencil. Thank you, XX

more gorgeous Civil war fabrics from my FQ Birthday Swap ladies,


Thank you Helen, Lisa

and Christine… love the cute brooch …

I did manage to stitch my One Flower for OFW
Do you remember the lollies?????
Hugz  Maria


  1. I like the fabric in your flower. Very cute.

  2. It's amazing how long we can stretch out our birthday celebrations!! Do I remember the lollies???? Sure do! Funny, but I can remember quite clearly sharing them with girlfriends and all of us giggling away at which heart we picked next but I don't recall EVER actually giving a boy one of the lollies!!
    Happy Sewing!

  3. Yes I do remember those lollies! :-) Some lovely goodies there Maria and I thought that gift paper WAS fabric! lol

  4. love your flower.... and love those candy hearts (we call them conversation hearts).

  5. How nice to extend your birthday like that!!!

    I love the hexie. Is it edible too?

  6. Extended birthdays are the best! That hexie-flower is so cute!!

  7. Love the candy print on the petals of the hexie flower. Reminds me of the heart candies we have at Valentine's.

  8. Great to have extended birthdays with such great gifts. Your little hexie is so cute and yes I sure do remember those candy , can still taste them ;-)

  9. Isn't the wrapping paper from Ellyn gorgeous. Wouldn't that be great in fabric! Your civil war fabric collection is off to a good start!

  10. I love those "extended" Birthdays! What lovely packages you got and I love your flower for this week!

  11. Well who said a birthday celebration could only last ONE day... go ahead.. EnJoY! :)

  12. more lovely pressies!
    love those lollies on your flower, you can still buy them I think.

  13. I love how birthdays go on for so long...enjoy.

  14. Yummy flower, I do remember! Lots of lovely birthday goodies too.

  15. How nice to have the gifts keep on arriving. I love your hexie flower.

  16. Lots of lovely squishy mail coming your way.
    Enjoy the goodness.
    I saw those lollies recently, I Haven't tasted them in years. Pretty flower.

  17. Lovely birthday goodies Maria, and yes very clever wrapping!
    I do love your hexy flower wrapping, I have some of that exact fabric, such a fun fabric, & yes I do remember the lollies.

  18. I remember 'conversation' lollies Maria! Hope your birthday is still continuing. I love those week long birthdays. What are you going to do with your Civil War fabrics?


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