Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching up…

Firstly I need to say a big thank you to all the ladies who have sent me lovely Birthday wishes and goodies…

Sue .B. and Peta.
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The FQ Birthday Swap ladies..  Thanks to swap Cheryll.

Personal cushion swap with Sunny

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This is the lovely Apple Core one Sunny sent me. Matches my lounge quilt beautifully
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and look at the great Christmas panel + goodies

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this is the one I sent to Sunny…..

Sunny's Cushion Sept 2012

Aussie Swap Blocks sent

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and received…

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blocks I put together that the Patch ladies made for a sick friend…

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and finally the finished lounge finished..

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Phew!!! that’s enough for now. Will do another catch in the next post as there is still more…

Goodnight   Maria


  1. the lounge is beautiful and all of your goodies too! Love the cushion you sent to sunny!

  2. Lovely post Maria , lots of wonderful mail , love the cushion Sunny sent to you and the one you sent her as well .Your lounge looks terrific!

  3. Waow ! your lounge is beautiful !! You have been spoilt for your birthday !!

  4. Loving it all
    You get so much achieved . . . . I'm slowly catching up but can't really show a lot as it is all Christmas swaps LOL

  5. what lovely swap cushions and swap blocks.
    Your lounge looks very inviting and the quilts over the chairs and couch are great.
    love your friends quilt too, it will lift her spirits for sure.

  6. Lovely swap cushions from both of you... love your lounge with the quilts... they do make rooms friendly...

  7. Both cushions are fabulous. Love the lounge room - looks great. Hugs,

  8. Happy birthday, you don't look any older!


  9. Gorgeous cushion you really have been spoilt.
    Enjoy relaxing in your 'new' lounge.

  10. Lots of wonderful things to show! I love the colours you used in the lounge - it is beautiful.

  11. So is that the end of the painting now Maria or do you still have more to go?? Love the Patch Ladies quilt too. Very pretty. Have a top weekend!

  12. Happy belated birthday! All your gifts looks wonderful and your projects as well, as usual!

  13. Your lounge room looks very welcoming. The quilts are always a nice touch arent they. Lovely swap cushions and blocks also.

  14. The lounge looks fabulous and I love seeing all of your work displayed on the chairs.

    Lovely blocks. You have been super busy lately.

  15. Your lounge is so welcoming and cozy... love the quilts:O)


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