Sunday, November 18, 2012

FNSI finishes and “A Happy Birthday”

to our Darling Alexis who turned 2 today.  I make her a “Sesame Street Quilt” for her big bed…


015 (2)


Alexis's 2nd Birthday quilt

I think she likes it…


Alexis's 2nd BD quilt.


Love my quilt.


Love you darling XXXXXX


These are the projects I worked on and finished for FNSI with my Southern Hemisphere friends.

post 3 (4)



post 3 (2)


and then last night I put together this" Aussie Hero" quilt top for FNSI with the folk in the Northern hemisphere.  Sew good to be able to stitch along for two nights.


Post 3 Aussie Heros Top Nov 2012


Thank you to Heidi and Bobbi for running FNSI..

Now I have this parcel ready to pop in a post pack and send of to my SSCS in the morning….


Hugz   Maria


  1. oh i think she she loves her new quilt,you did an amazing job Maria its awesome,well done on your finishes.xx

  2. The Sesame Street quilt is adorable. I'm sure Alexis loved it.
    The mini quilts are lovely. The stitcherie is awesome.

  3. Happy Birthday Alexis! What a bright and cheery quilt you have from GG!

  4. Alexis is clearly pleased!! Great job Maria...
    Love your Christmas stitching, and the quilt is awesome... you've been very productive!

  5. OHHH, YESSSSS! I don't think she likes it at all....I know she LOVES it! What a cute quilt!! Nice FNSI work too, Miss Quilting Zombie!!

  6. How sweet is the quilt for Alexis and she certainly seems very happy with it on her bed.You had a very successful FNSI with lots accomplished !!

  7. You have done many beautiful quilts !! I'm sure Alexis is delighted !! and your 2 mini are great !

  8. Alexis looks so cute sitting there with her quilt over her. Love your two little quilts. How cute is that cat with the presents!

  9. The quilt came up a treat and it's always so great when you see the kids enjoying what you've made them. You seem to get so much sewing achieved! Not sure why it takes me so long to make little things!

  10. Happy birthday Alexis and how lucky you are to have such a fantastic quilt..... great finish Marie and lots of fnsi work done... love the mini's too and you have done so well with the Aussie hero quilt....

  11. Alexis' quilt looks fantastic. So bright and happy and who doesn't love Big bird, Elmo and Cookie monster!
    Your little hangings looks great too. A very productive weekend.

  12. Happy birthday to Alexis. The Sesame Street quilt is amazing. Great lot of FNSI stitching.

  13. WOW! lovely work on the quilt ;-) love seeing your embroidery work too - love your little quilt hangers ;)

  14. You have been busy and it all looks amazing
    Yeah I think she likes it

  15. Hmmmmm. Would Alexis be an Elmo fan, by any chance?? I love the quilt and those stitcheries are beautiful too. You certainly had a busy weekend! All looks terrific. Well done!

  16. have been one busy all your projects...that quilt for Alexis is amazing...Happy Birthday Alexis

  17. What a great quilt for a sweet girl! And I love the kitty miniquilt.

  18. A big sewing weekend for you Maria - everything looks wonderful, especially the Sesame Street quilt - love it!

  19. Gorgeous quilt for a gorgeous girl.
    Love the bright colours that match so nicely with the characters.

    I never seen a cat leave the ribbons alone - I think the parcels ribbons should be untied.

    Beautiful work as always.
    Thanks for stitching along.

  20. Gorgeous quilt for Alexis - I bet she loves it forever!! You had very productive FN Sew-Ins, love the little quilts, and your tally of Heroes quilts must be getting pretty high - good on you.

  21. Hello Maria,

    Two years has gone so quickly, I remember when you first announced her birth. A lovely quilt for her to sleep and snuggle with.

    Happy days

  22. Happy birthday to Miss A, I reckon you loves her new quilt.

  23. Love the Sesame quilt, just perfect for a little girl. You have been very productive, all your projects are wonderful.


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