Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Over the Weekend

I made a list…….


Decided to start with the Pyramid Doorstops as I have wanted to make them for a few years Sad smile. 
Sew out come the overlocker. I sewed and sewed making two doorstops. Then when I went back after dinner to make more the overlocker seized up. The thread just knotted up underneath the foot. I cut it away and rethreaded the machine. Not ONCE but several times over three hours. Grrrrrrrrrr..
By then it was after midnight so off to bed.



Next afternoon silly me decided to try again but the same thing happened again and again. Finally I gave up. Put the overlocker away and finished the doorstops on my sewng machine…..

Must say after all my problems I am very happy with the end result..
What do you think?????


That's one thing off the list.........

Hugz Maria


  1. what a beautiful result!
    they look great.

  2. They look wonderfu l and I love your use of the Moda twill :o)

  3. Were did you get the pattern from? They look great.

  4. those doorstops look great Maria! I know how you feel though when a machine decides to 'play up' is soooo frustrating!

  5. those doorstops look great Maria! I know how you feel though when a machine decides to 'play up' is soooo frustrating!

  6. Hi Maria
    Love the doorstops, I think I'll be making one to control my door when our Chinook winds blow...what did you fill them with?

  7. Those are wonderful, Maria. What do you use for weight in them?

    Those sergers can be so picky. The threads have to be threaded in a certain order in mine and heaven help me if I thread #2 before #1!!!!

  8. I never thought to make these! I was just telling my husband that he needs to go get door stoppers. It's that time of year when we keep all the windows open and I'm already tired of slamming doors.

    What's inside?

  9. Your doorstops look wonderful!!
    I had to laugh at 3rd thing on your list. Does that mean you will be creating a new UFO each month - probably not but that's the way I read it at first.

  10. they look great Maria,well done,and i hope your o/l starts to behave its self.xx

  11. I love your door stops Maria. Don't you just hate overlockers. They are the biggest pain to thread!

  12. the door stops are great.... no more banging doors.... frustrating with the o/locker....

  13. Very cute! You're well on your way. I've got a pretty long list myself!

  14. cute door stops - guess you are not posting those for Christmas!!! LOL

  15. the door stops look great in the dark blue, I still have only made one and really need a few more.


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