Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Has it Really

been five days since I got home… I just want the world to slow down. I want to  have 48 hr days and 14 day weeks…. Wouldn't that be good.

Now to post the lovely goodies I come home to..

A free copy of Australian Quilters Champion with the story of  Sue's Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  Sue also sent me two FQ’s and a bookmark.


I enjoy participating in this swap which was started for Aussies but has now gone international. Pop over to Aussie Swap Blog and see if you would like to join.

The giveaway I won over at Michelle's blog,


so many gifts, matching buttons,tea towels, doily , cards and stitchery as well as nice tea bags to enjoy.

and the third parcel contained these beautiful Charm Squares from Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting Blog for completing a line in our Bingo Game..



Thank you ladies for my gifts.

Today Mr Postie was nice again…


A giveaway win from another Michelle NZ.


Nice big pincushion , cute little bag, fabric tape and a Schnibbles Pattern. I have seen many bloggers make these little quilts and have always wanted to make one. Now I can thanks to Michelle.

 my “Zakka Style” pattern book….. Yeh!!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria


  1. I can see why you would want the world to slow down. Besides opening parcels from the mail, you don't have time to do anything else! Congrats on your wins, and enjoy all that lovely goodness.

  2. That was an amazing post. Lots of goodies arriving at your home! So full of inspiration too! Makes me want to run upstairs and sew! :)

  3. Wow what a lot of lovely goodies to come home to... I know how you feel about time racing by if only we didn't need to sleep!

  4. wow! lucky lucky you! enjoy all your goodies

  5. Such lovely presents - you sure are a lucky lady.

    Enjoy playing with all your new things.

  6. I need to rub you for some luck you have been a lucky duck for sure. Lots of lovely treasures to enjoy to a worthy winner.

  7. What a lovely lot of goodies to come home to. Congratulations.

  8. You surely have a nice postman!!!!!

    I know what you mean about time needing to slow down a bit.

  9. So many goodies, now I know why you need more hours and days,have fun with your goodies.

  10. Congratulations on your wonderful mail, wow, lots of wonderful gifts :-)

  11. You must know your postman very well !!!!
    Enjoy all your beautiful gifts !

  12. You must be exhausted from opening all those parcels! Lovely wins.

  13. So many lovely squishies Maria! In case you've run out of things to make (LOL), you've now got plenty to choose from. I must check out that Zakka Style book. I'm seeing it pop up of different blogs.

  14. Ohh lots of lovely goodies here - be your love your postman! Who knows there just might be more goodies in the mail, you never know!

  15. You are on a roll... I hope you have bought your lucky lotto ticket?? such great goodies in the post....

  16. O Maria - I agree with you one hundred percent with the 48 hr days and 14 day weeks…! That would be wonderful indeed. : -)

    All of your new treasures are so sweet (a lot like having your own personal Christmas! LOL)

    I REALLY like the looks of that chook on the zigzag fabric! Wonder what you will do with her. LOL

    Thank you for your kind encouragements. Hugs


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