Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OFW plus Three… My Village and Biscuits..

Wednesday again sew it’s time to join Karen and the ladies for One Flower Wednesday..


I also stitched a few of these for Vignette Hexagon Quilt.


This week I have been very busy with my village.


Sewed the borders on but have not sewn them together yet. I have done more but couldn’t find them in the cave. Must be time for a tidy up again.

Yesterday Jan-Maree posted a recipe for Rice Bubble Biscuits. As I don’t often bake,

as you can see by the date on these,
thought it was time I did.



Taa Dah!!!!  They don’t even taste bad. LOL.

Hugz,  Maria


  1. Maria your chickens are adorable! And I love the straw background you used to photograph them with. And your pretty Easter colored hexies look so nice among the morning glories. Your village is coming right along too! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  2. Those chickens made me smile. So cute!
    Your village is adorable, I love houses in quilts.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. your village is getting very crowded! I love seeing what you do...

  4. Your village is breathtaking !!!!
    It is splendid !!
    And I love your flowers !!! so cute !

  5. Your blocks and your baking all look so good!! Love your hen-hexie and the scrappy houses is gorgeous! You say you are putting borders on - are you calling it quits with the houses? PS Love Lavy's outfit from the previous post~ very cute.

  6. I love your hexie chickens. Your village is coming along nicely. It's so colourful. I had a chuckle with your use by dates. Makes me wonder if there's any like that in my pantry! Your bikkies look yummy. Will check out the recipe.

  7. You have got to love those chickens ,so cute and your houses are sweet , good for you making so many , my intentions were great but that was it :-) Yummy cookies .

  8. Your chicken hexie flower is adorable!! Your village quilt is amazing with all those different houses and the fussy cut windows. The Rice Bubble Biscuits look delicious.

  9. gorgeous flowers and your village is looking amazing!
    Hope you find the missing ones.

  10. I love how your village is looking very cute. I bake like you and things go out of date before i used them. When DH was home she baked every week, but since she left the nest the flour just stays in the tupperware.

  11. I do look forward to seeing your hexies.... great houses - hope you find the others... what is it with you and Sue both losing precious things? biccies look good...

  12. I also look forward to your hexies. The chickens / roosters look as though they are chasing each other around the flower! Your village of houses is growing quickly. I wonder what you will name your village when you are finished!

  13. Oh my gosh - look at that village! I had no idea it was growing so large. Way to go. THe biscuits look tasty.

  14. Hey that village is now a CITY. I love the red chooks and six years between baking sessions is worse that me!

  15. I love love that first hexie flower--
    and I really like the next 3, too!!!
    and your village of houses are just too cool!!!
    but --me---I would of thrown out those products--I have some hard and fast rules in my house about out of date food products--but that is just the way I am!!!!
    and if I didn't keep going through my cupboards and giving things away--well--I would have some of those dates--I kinda quit cooking and baking a while ago!!!Lazy-- have to sew!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  16. Wow! I love your village, Beautiful!
    Cute chickens, they remind me of a book/cd my daughter had many years ago...I wish I could remember the title...and your spring hexies are so pretty.

  17. I LOVE the chickens... I'm going to have to start really looking for some of these great fabrics. Houses are cool too!

  18. So cute!!! And, the Vignette flowers are so pretty! You have been busy with your village, looking good. Rice Bubble Biscuits sounds and looks very interesting.

  19. Those chickens are just adorable! Soooooo cute.

    I love the houses too. You have a whole village already.

  20. O MY! You know I totally LOVE the chickens flower! It might just be my favorite one YET.
    Your village certainly is growing -it is so neat.

    OK - I have NEVER heard of rice bubble biscuits????? Can you tell me a little bit more about them??? Are they good - are they soft or hard or meant to be enjoyed hot or cold ?
    They really are cute.

  21. Your village has become a town! It's grown quite quickly... it's looking great...

  22. Village, Looks great, I could live there.

  23. Sooo much to love. I have serious real estate envy! All those little houses are so much fun! And the chickens are possibly your best so far! AND a big well done on the biscuits!

  24. I love that chicken hexie. Your others are lovely as well and your village, Wow! I like the little village but I only have 7 0r 9 made. I forget which so you can see I haven't worked on my village in a while.

  25. The houses are looking amazing all laid out like that with their borders and corners on. This will be a very interesting quilt.
    Cute hexies - Love the chickens.
    Enjoy the biccies.

  26. You are lady of many talents - baking, hexy-ing, house building... the hexy flowers are very pretty. And Lacy looks happy in her winter attire!


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