Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where did

the past 10 days go !!!!!! I have been busy spending time with most of my little family..some popped in on their way to the city for a cuddle and a chat. some stayed longer and others I caught up with while I was in the big smoke.
While here we went swimming (twice), went to the markets,  had Easter hunts, chatted, played  games, drank coffee, ate ( some food and lots of chocolate) but I did no stitching.

003 Grannie’s Beach Saturday.

Seven Mile Sunday after a drive through the dunes.


011Hmmm!!! Lots of eggs.

then on Monday I went to Perth with my DD2 and Granddies. While there we went for a big walk to the shop,

Of course we needed a nice drink when we got there before walking home.


Wednesday we  went by bus and train to the city. Meet my DD1 in the there and then we all went over to the Zoo by Ferry. Was a fun day. We were even entertained while sitting on the lawn to eat our lunch.

019 Walking beside the Elephant.

Catching up with friends.

We love Meerkats. Can you see it keeping guard?


          The “Bell Tower”

also we watched movies and played games.

Even had GREEN pancakes for breakfast one morning.



Then home on Friday with DH. Lunch with Red Hatters yesterday and of course swimming (oh sorry bobbing) with the ladies this morning and then breakfast at the cafe.  Phew!!!!
I hope to sit in the cave this afternoon and finish a swap, wrap a gift and make some pillowcases. All to pop in the post tomorrow..

How was your week ?????

Hugz Maria

P.S... Change of plans... Just got a phone call from my friend to go for a walk. Will have to sew this evening.......


  1. Life is so good at your end of the world...

  2. Happy times! Enjoy your walk...

  3. Sounds like you have had a lovely break with family.
    Enjoy walking and sewing.

  4. Green pancakes now that is something --- you can learn every day.

    Swimming , bobbing in April how lovely.

  5. what a lovely time you had with family Maria,lovely pics.xx

  6. How lucky to have all that wonderful time together... hope you had a good walk...

  7. What a great time you had this last week. Those ice cream sundaes look pretty good. I am sure you will find some time for stitching soon :)

  8. lots of good excuses for not sewing!!!! Lovely photos - glad you had a great time! there are other things in life that sewing ......well sometimes but don't say that out loud!

  9. Adorable Granddies? Green pancakes? Lovely time with family and friends? Walking and bobbing? What a wonderful week. No stitching? Well, that's what this next week is for. You certainly believe in living life to the fullest, my friend.

  10. What a wonderful time you had ,I loved seeing the photos , the scenery is beautiful and your grandchildren are just sweet :-) hugs Sheila

  11. You've had so much fun with the family. Nothing is better than that hey?

  12. Oh my... I need to lay down and rest. I'm exhausted just reading about your week!
    Sounds wonderful though! :)

  13. No stitching ??? I can imagine that when I read your past week !! There's a time for everything... Enjoy each minute !

  14. What a lovely week, and everyone's allowed some time off from stitching from time to time! (Your 'friends' look lots of fun!!) Have fun rediscovering your cave.

  15. it all sounds great to me! the sewing can wait...

  16. Wow Mum, when you look at the week like that no wonder we didn't feel like doing anything by the end of the day. So nice to make hay while the sun shines I say.
    Love DD2

  17. Great photos of the good times spent with family..those drinks the grandchildren have look wonderful..

  18. Aw, heck....sewing can always wait when you can have so much fun with your family instead. It looks like a good time was enjoyed by all.

  19. O Maria - you make my heart just jump for joy! You are a true Inspiration to me!
    Hugs of Appreciation & love for all the things that you do.

  20. Looks like a lovely week, all your photos are beautiful.


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