Monday, April 30, 2012

OPAM Finishes for April 2012

This month I have been going through my boxes and putting together some of the blocks I have received in different swaps…..

these blocks were sent to me by Gai last year and I now have a lovely table runner.….

006 (3)

Table cloth made with my  Christmas Swap Blocks


Girls lap Quilt using my Aussie Swap Blocks


Table Runner made from the box with the mystery project in…

Mystery Project Done!!!


Two "Blankets of Love"

014 (2)

and two pillow cases…….

002 (2)

How have you been going with your finishes this month ????

I am pleased to have emptied a few of my boxes..


EEEKKKK!!!! I am off to bed as it is 1.30am.

Good Morning, Maria


  1. not a lot of finishes for me this month. You did great!

  2. Whew - well done!!! Great finishes, and so nice to get some of your boxes nice and empty and ready for the next projects...! Plus., the Anzac quilts - you have been busy!!

  3. Wonderful! I know it feels good to have emptied all those boxes, but what I want to know is, how long til you fill them up again? hehe..

  4. Lots of great finishes - really love all the stars in your Christmas table cloth. When you finish your UFOs you can make a start on mine!

  5. You got a lot done this month Maria. Great to use those swap blocks and make them into something. I did notice the time on your email to me and thought you were up very late!

  6. Busy Busy Busy Maria...doing fantastic work! Love all the block swap put-togethers! :)

  7. Wow... lots of fantastic finishes... I love what you made with the swap blocks...

  8. Wow some lovely finishes from those boxes of bits and pieces. It's always good to finish off some WIPs or UFOs.

  9. Isn't it ONE project a month....
    Show off :o)
    Well done!
    Ab x

  10. All amazing finishes
    Loved the last table runner

  11. LOL - O- it is really nice to see that life can sure run out of day -in the day! LOL

    All of your projects are so beautiful and inspiring. Shoot- even your "boxes" are inspiring! Kinda like the goose that laid the golden egg!!!

  12. After our little day of sewing together I can see you have lots more things to finish!

  13. well done Maria you have some wonderful finishes there,beautiful projects.xx

  14. wow! what a productive month you have had. Well done.
    Love all your swap block finishes, especially your christmas one.

  15. Just a fabulous effort Maria - I know what you mean about the boxes, I have a similar stash but mine are still full!! Cheers, SuziQ

  16. Lovely finishes - I keep seeing my swap blocks one set of which are sewn into a top - I really should finish something before starting anew.
    Your table sure will be well dressed this year.

  17. What a fantastic variety of projects you have finished over the have been busy..

  18. Hello Maria,

    Love the completed quilts and runner. I think you must have Ever ready batteries for breakie.

    Hope you have a great week.

  19. Some impressive 'finishes' there Maria! No wonder you were still up at 1.30 am!

  20. My goodness you've had a busy month. All those finishes must feel so satisfying. I especially love the Christmas table runner.

  21. nice works you did, and now you can start filling up those boxes again with new swaps. hugs

  22. Love your finishes!!! So many pretty pieces.