Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s been

a funny week. Yesterday was Anzac day here in Aussie which means it was also a public holiday. So I lost my Wednesday and today feels like Monday not Thursday. Better not forget it is Friday tomorrow and I go to exercise and then coffee with the ladies.
Anyway after going to the parade in the morning and then dropping DH at the RSL I went home and

washed fabrics, 6 times. Hope the dye is now set…… 

while it dried 010
managed to put the border on this one.

Why is it just when the wind drops enough to take a photo someone comes into the picture???

After ironing and cutting the fabrics I stitched them into blocks.


then put them together to make this.

010 (2)
I thought it was a good project to make on Anzac Day….
These quilts will be send to  Jan-Maree at "Aussie Hero Quilts"

Oh and while I was washing things in the trough I did Lacy  too. I don’t think she was impressed. LOL.

Bath time 25th April 2012 (1)

She did need a bath, look at the colour of the water.

Bath time 25th April 2012 (6)

Nice and clean now Lacy….. She still does not look happy…LOL...
Hugz, Maria


  1. Lacy certainly doesn't look happy. Ginger doesn't like baths either but she has only had about 3 in her life. For some reason she doesn't get very dirty. She mainly has a bath when she's rubbed under one of the trucks at work and gets grease on her! The quilt top looks great.

  2. They all look fabulous Maria! I love both quilt tops! and Lacy might not be all that impressed with having a bath but she is still pretty cute!

  3. Oh you've been busy...even with a mixed up week. The "anzac" quilt looks fantastic and very appropriate too!
    Lacy looks so much prettier even if she's NOT happy! :)

  4. Great post... I love the Ausi quilts under the gum trees..... and what a clever quilt you made in reds and blues.... I'm sure Lacy has cheered up now she is so clean and pretty...

  5. I love the Aussie quilt too Maria. A great one to sew on Anzac Day.

  6. Beautiful quilts!
    Poor lacy, she does look all sparkly and clean though.

  7. Bless her! Why is it they hate having a bath, but show them a river and they are straight in!? Our Sam loves to swim but runs a mile if we say bath!! Hugs xx

  8. Washing fabric and poochies is so much better than doing the laundry. And at least you don't need to iron the dog!

  9. The Aussie quilt is great, clever idea! And you're right Lacey does not look happy but she does look clean!

  10. Great projects for Anzac day, not sure about all that washing though?
    Cute clean puppy.

  11. haha Lexi always seems to stroll into my quilt photos too! I love both of your quilts, nice work!

  12. You are so inspiring XXXOOOO
    Love the block in the ANZAC quilt.
    The fabric on the line on the verandah so Aussie.
    Love DD2

  13. I really hate weeks where my days are all mixed up!!!!

    Your patriotic quilts are just beautiful. Nice work.

    Poor Lacy. Baths are so soothing! Doesn't she know that? Now she needs that lei!

  14. Lacy may not be happy but she sure is cute! I like both your Australia quilts. Nice work.

  15. I had to laugh at your dog pictures. Whenever we look back at old pictures of the kids - our old dog is always in them somehow. She always managed to get atleast her tail in the shot.

    And our new big dog - he has been getting a bath almost daily lately with all the spring mud. He loves every minute of it though. And thankfully - I don't have to do the work. My oldest son does it. Yay for me!!

  16. Both your quilt tops look great
    Cute dog I think it,s time we got another one

  17. Poor 'lil Lacey! Your quilts are wonderful! Have a nice Friday, and then weekend.

  18. Boy you have been busy Maria and how cute and fluffy does Lacy look after her bath,and what a charactor getting in on your quilt photo,so funny.xx

  19. Did you really do all of that in one day? Amazing! I love the quilts!

  20. You are a busy bee!!! What kind of dot is Lacy? She is a doll!

  21. Hi Maria, I just love your quilts - I know what you mean about taking pics, the wind blows or some special four legged friend wants to be in on the act. Cheers, SuziQ

  22. Beautiful Aussie quilts, the red and blue quilt is very effective. Lacy looks so cute and so unimpressed!!


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