Monday, October 3, 2011

Up to Date!!

Was happy to have caught up with my swaps and challenges over the last three days.
Firstly my “ Friendship Medallion”  Going Dotty.

Going Dotty Medellion Friendship quilt.

I nearly did sewing these Churn Dash Blocks.

My Free BOM I am doing with 

BOM _3


Gai’s Swap blocks.  I used the BOM in one of these. 

Gai's three blocks for 8 swap 2011

Aussie Swap block for Leena,

Spool Block for Leens Oct Swap.

Christmas Swap for Sue
Sue's Xmas Block Oct 2011

The first Block for Christmas SAL


Sew now I can get serious about my Santa swap and maybe catch up on a  few UFO’s.


  1. my goodness such cute finishes! I printed out that Santa block too, but have not finished my September birdie block yet! Yikes, what a slacker...

  2. Great job! I heard that you'll be getting a visitor soon and will be spending some quality time together in the sweat shop! Have fun.

  3. You have been super busy with blocks , they all look great !

  4. You've been busy. I like it all; the Christmas projects are great.

  5. Waohhh! you're very busy !!!

  6. O Gosh Maria, Did I rattle your windows ???? I just sneezed SO hard I rattled my brains -so I thought maybe it would rattle your windows. : )

    I totally Love that Christmas tree! I wish I were a little fly on your wall so I could watch you work. I love to see artists in their creative mode. Great job on all of your hard work-- you should be very proud of all of it.

  7. you have been very busy Maria,lovely projects,well done

  8. You've been busy again Maria. I'm trying to sit down to stitch every night. So far I have managed to do a little each night since Saturday. That's three whole days in a row! lol
    Hugs, Christine

  9. Lots of lovely blocks.... I love it when the swaps are done ...

  10. wow those dots would have made me giddy!
    Love all your blocks. The spool block is gorgeous and your swap blocks look great in those colours.Christmas tree is fantastic so is your stitchery. You have been busy!

  11. One day I will get time to do swaps! I am in awe of the amount of sewing you got done.. xx

  12. So many swap blocks. How can you part with all that gorgeousness?

  13. I love your spool block. You have been very busy! I guess I need to get busy too.

  14. So many lovely blocks. Really like your dotty blocks.

  15. WOW... you've sure been busy making blocks. They are look great.

    And thanks for sharing the Christmas SAL block as well. I've subscribed to her blog so that I don't miss any of the stitcheries as she posts them.

  16. It just amazes me how much you get accomplished, Maria! I am sooo slow it's ridiculous! I love your "dotty" churn dash quilt....that is too cute. My FIL just informed me that he wants me to make a quilt for him and he has chosen a churn dash pattern, too. Guess I'd better get busy! :o)



  17. I've loved catching up on all that you've accomplished while I was away. The Cotton Reel quilt is fabulous. I want that in my sewing room!!!!

  18. Wow, you have got such a lot done and they all look gorgeous! I love the Christmas tree block. Wendy

  19. Wow! I can't believe how much you have achieved. My head spins just thinking about it. You must be so pleased with all your work. It is all beautiful.


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