Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ins, Outs and Eats

Yesterday was Pancake Tuesday so after swimming we


went to one of ladies lovely home to eat these


for breakfast.  YUMMY. Thank You Gill.
This is the view we had sitting on Gill’s the patio.


As you can see the ocean is still very brown.

Today I was thrilled to have THREE little cards in my mail box.
Look at all my goodies.


My Autumn Swap from Melody.


A beautiful Mug Bag and Mug Rug to match with lots of nice coffee and teas. As well as nice chocolates.

A Giveaway I won from Michelle.
Such pretty paper and card.



Inside I found a beautiful hand made journal and pen. Four great coasters, a lovely flower brooch, some great fabric and my MOST FAVORITE chocolate “Milky Bar”
would you believe it is almost gone Smile

and another giveaway from Crafty Pug.
Three great Christmas Magazines.

Thank you to Melody,Michelle and Crafty for ALL my great gifts. I feel very loved.

While at the post office I popped Jan’s parcel and softies in the mail.

Oh!! I can now show you the Autumn Swap I sent to Fiona.
Hope you don’t mind Fiona borrowed your photo.
I forgot to take one.

Now I will sit and read my mags and have a cuppa.
and finish my Milky Bar.



  1. What an incredible lot of pressies! And I hope I'm your partner for one of the seasons. That's a beautiful bag that you made! Is it cooling down any? We're expecting 3-4 inches of rain in the next couple of days. Hmmm...maybe we need to get our kayaks out of storage?

  2. what a lovely day & wonderful treats! Good for you!

  3. Looks like a delicious breakfast and fun group of ladies! You certainly received a great bunch of goodies in the mail!!

  4. What wonderful goodies - it must have felt like your birthday! Mags and chocolate sound like the perfect combination... enjoy :0)

  5. Such a fun day...with so many goodies!

  6. What fun and exciting gifts you received!!!! And....I love your fall swap that you sent. Beautiful.

    Surely looks as though you gals enjoyed those pancakes!!! YUM!

  7. It is so special getting the home gifts isn't it... you got some lovely goodies... and gave some too....
    I also forget to take photo's.... too excited to get it in the mail!

  8. What Wonderful gifts you received and gave! A lot of Magic in that experience !

    But Jeez I want to sit and read your mags and have a cuppa.
    and finish your Milky Bar with you! : )

    I think you must live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

  9. I forgot all about pancake Tuesday. We used to celebrate it as kids. What a lot of lovely things you have! And I think that Milky way looks finished already lol.

  10. Looks like lots of goodness making its way to your part of the country - must know it is a good place to be.
    Yummy pancakes and beautiful setting.
    Love the new header.

  11. what a great day with many wonderful gifts.

  12. Wonderful goodies come in the mail to the bag that you made...

  13. Sounds like you had a magic day Maria. I'm glad you played along in OASS with us.. and can now enjoy all the goodies you received!

  14. I'm glad the pancakes at Jill's went down well. Now for the jogging to run off the calories

  15. Maria that sounds like a wonderful day!
    I love your photo in the new header, it looks so funny :o)))
    All your gifts are great, I´m sure you are happy !


  16. Hey Maria! Love that view from your friend Gill's place ... lucky gal! :0) And a great big ... WAHOOOOO!! Your OPAM button is GREEN where it should be! :0) Well done for persevering! Hope you have a fun weekend working on your secret quilt and perhaps adding to your OPAM finishes list - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  17. Hello Maria, wow what a great day you had from the your header and words...All in for a Swim....Warm Regards, Lyn

  18. Hello Maria, Wow. It looked like you all was having a very lovely day. The view was gorgeous and is your pressies. Hugs judy

  19. That breakfast and that view is unreal. And I love all of your goodies you received and sent.

  20. I am hungry and all the goodies on your blog look amazing but I am having trouble seeing past those pancakes!!!!!!!

  21. Such lovely gifts and I really love the bag you made