Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Filled Days Part 2

DD2 and I went shopping and out for a lovely lunch on Friday. Then after picking the children up from school we went to surprise my LS for her birthday.
We were a little late as we got side tracked but finally found the venue where we needed to be.
It was so nice to see BOTH my sister’s and give my LS her quilt on her special day.


Now I can show you the secret quilt I have been working on for ages!!!!  The house I stitched on the quilt resembles the home we all grow up in.

Saturday we went to the beach. It was just a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a swim.


Afterwards it was off to buy some shoes. We could hear giggling from the kids and discovered them trying on shoes.


It keep them amused while we browsed. LOL


Sunday evening DD2 and I went out for dinner and then to see Billy Connelly. We laughed so much our cheeks were sore.

In the evenings we stitched and I finished my Easter Swaps.

Jewells Easter Swap 2011

071     DD2 made the cute Hat and Basket.


and also my pincushion for that swap.


So you can see I DID have a fun filled few days away.


  1. Gorgeous bunny, He looks like a rabbit with attitude!
    Lucky swapper.

  2. Wow Maria - you truly did have a fantastic few days going by your gorgeous photos!!

    I really love the pics of the kids modelling those heels! That really gave me a giggle!!!

    The quilt you made for your LS is stunning, I love how it is based on the house you grew up in.

    Last but not least - I love your blog! So cheerful!!!! :-)

    Have a great weekend!!!
    Vikki xx

    ps. Where did you see Billy Connolly? It is one of my life's ambitions to see his live stand-up!!!

  3. Great Work Mum,

    We sure do pack alot into a visit!!!

    Love you Lots

  4. Oh... what a lovely visit you've all had together. Times like these you cherish always! Nice visit today... so ThAnKs ! :)

  5. what a fun weekend! The quilt is fabulous Maria! I'll bet she just loved it. I love your little pin cushion too.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time. Your quilt is absolutely amazing!!

  7. You really did have a wonderful time. I loved enlarging the photo of the quilt to see all of the detail. Wow....I know she loved it.

    Your Easter projects look terrific.

  8. Beautiful Quilt Maria for your Sister...
    and a Lovely time with your Family..

  9. That quilt is absolutely beautiful! She must love you to pieces. And I think th ebunny should come live with me - too cute! What a lovely time with family.

  10. The quilt is gorgeous! The hours of love that went into making it is awesome. The pictures show everyone is having a wonderful time.
    I love the bunny--I know it would be loved at my house also.

  11. Your sister is so lucky. The quilt is awesome. So glad you had a nice time away. Love the bunny too.

  12. O Maria!

    Your entire post is just Heavenly! I fell hard in love with the picture of your flowering coral gum! How lovely and I totally ADORED the little blue towel with the chickens on it. You are so very talented and our world is better off because we have you in it.

  13. What a great post, lovedvreading about your fulfilled days

  14. I love the quilt you made for a very lucky LS Bet she was one happy girl
    Lovely to hear you had such a gret time

  15. Talk about living the dream! THe quilt you made for your LS is gorgeous. I bet she loved it and will treasure it, especially with the 'home' pic.
    Once again a huge amount of productivity from you too. Inspiring!
    Ab x

  16. Hello Maria, gorgeous quilt you made for your LS.....the weather here has been the pits...would have loved a swim at the beach..Warm Regards, Lyn


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