Sunday, February 27, 2011

Small Finishes for February OPAM

Sometimes we do have to use these!!!  See that blue thing !!


I must say it did look better when I finished for awhile


until this happened. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

003 (2)

I was pleased that I managed to have a few finishes this weekend.


Sewing Caddy’s for the Qld Flood Ladies.


and I also made three blocks for some of the swaps I am in.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I had to go back for second looks as I couldn't see the blue thing at first (the ironing board?) woopsie with the tub.

    Your sewing kits are fab and they'll go to ladies who will greatly appreciate them :0)

  2. Your sewing caddies are gorgeous; I just love the HugsNKisses one. It does feel good to have a BIT of a clean up form time to time doesn't it?!

  3. I love your sewing caddies! My sewing area is in much need of a good cleaning. I try to get organized at least once a month but it never seems to last.

  4. A good weekend to finish off things...too hot to leave the air/con. I got through a bit too. Hooray.

  5. Love your sewing kits!!
    Yes a nice clean up once in while does the mind good! Oh least it was a small oops!


  6. beautiful sewing caddies! I know they will be much appreciated

  7. Mines grey and your kits Maria they will be very much appreciated...

  8. Your sewing kits are wonderful. All the little matching bits will be truly loved. Your sewing room isn't too bad. I only do a clean up once a month.

  9. Your Sewing Kits are Lovely...Yes they will be Very Much Appreciated!

  10. Now I'll have to get my vacume out today.. you shame :)
    I just LoVe the sewing caddy especially the lovely soft green one.. a colour close to my heart! Another fantastic job Maria... as always! :)

  11. Your sewing caddies are pretty Maria.

  12. Hello Maria,

    Love your sewing caddies, they will be much appreciated.
    Happy days.

  13. O Yes! I love the sewing caddies also -your colors are beautiful! I ALSO loved the beautiful pink sky! Capturing something like that is magical!

    I was also back tracking because of the wee owl with your spikey! Those two were so Cute! What did you do with those two? That teeny one is so cute - what is his job?

    Also loved the baby gowns! They were perfect. But, I could not find an update on the grand baby????

    The one thing I enjoy about straightening up the sewing room - is if I have lost something I usually find it. LOL

    Beautiful work, my friend.My little angel , Maria -sends her love!

  14. Beautiful sewing caddies! What is that blue thing, anyway? Does it have something to do with cleaming?? LOL!

  15. Hi Mum,

    Love, love, love the sewing caddies great job.

    Mum what time of the month is 'Sew in Friday'? I want to start it with the girls from grey co.

    Don't you hate that!!!!
    The other night I was taking out the bin, when I caught the bag on the edge, the bag split and a tin fell on the floor and the contents of the tin went up the cupboard and every where.

    So I walked away and went into my sweat shop. I could not handle it, so I walked away.

    DH came in from the pool and cleaned it up Good Man.

  16. Hi Maria ,I just recently relized I didn't have you on my blog roll ,I seldon go to the dash board ,so now your on ,yeh! what is that blue thing I'll have to look at home on my kids computer i't has a better picture. I love that sewing caddy I'll have to take a better look ,keep them comming ,xoxo theodora

  17. Your caddies are lovely. I only made one and thought that 20 mile route march in 40 degree heat would have been easier.

  18. Mary, Glad to see you are still keeping busy. I am missing patchwork, but can keep in touch via the computer. The bright quilts look beautiful.
    Guessed you would be sewing for the flood/cyclone people.
    Love to all, please say hi to everyone in Dongara.
    Muriel (Still in Arno Bay S.A.)


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