Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 200th Post

Over the past 11 months I have written 100 posts. In that time I have joined Stephanie at Loft Creations in the Stripy challenge. It was a great way to use up scraps.



I also  signed up with Peg and Kris at OPAM and finished lots of UFO’s as well as making many new quilts, stitcheries, toys, bags and cushions for our Hanging.

My Quilts 079   Round robin.

Row by Row


“The Thong” quilt.

I needed one block to complete my quilt so a blogging friend from the USA made the blue pair for me.
These three quilts were projects I did with the ladies in our "Patch" group.

Finally finished “Breaking the Drought” a workshop done with Lisa Walton

Tackled my DD2’s Bargello

15. TAA DAA Binding On.   and a little one for the family’s latest addition.
and there are just so many more I got finished. 
005 (2)

001 (4)

001 (3)

002 (2)
I had fun doing FNSI’s every month. Swaps with Michele at Quilting Gallery.
Also joined in many fun challenges and swaps with lots of blogging ladies.

BUT the best post of all would have to be this one.My Beautiful GGD Alexis.

003 (2)       
 IMG_0296 (2)

SAM_2393         Ohhhhh!!!!!!  How cute !!!!

For my 200th post I have decided NOT to have a giveaway .
Instead I am going to make a donation to the folk who need our help after enduring either fires, floods or cyclones in recent weeks in Aussie.


  1. I loved seeing all your goodies. You have been a busy bee. Congrats on that gorgeous little bundle of joy. What a blessing. And I love your idea of the donation instead of a giveaway. Congrats on your 200th post!

  2. What a fantastic year you have had. And I commend you on your 'giveaway alternative'. Thanks for showing us all your quilts!

  3. Hi Maria...
    Thanks for the recap! Your work is wonderful! Love your scrappys~

    Congrats on a GGD! I hope to have a few of those one of these days! What a blessing!

  4. Great to see all your work - 200 posts is a lot of talking - grin! A great idea to donate to such a worthy cause.

  5. You have been very busy-both quilting and talking!! Loved the viewing, thank you.
    Congrats on your 200th post and a great idea of a donation.

  6. Maria you have made some beautiful quilts in the last year. I love your strings. A ggd - how thrilling. She is so sweet. It seems to me that a donation to help your country is the right way for you to celebrate yourself.

  7. I love the quilts that you finished. Also, your donation is a wonderful idea and very good of you.

  8. Congratulations on your 200th post, and for being so productive with your finishes. Good on you! Your new arrival looks so precious.

  9. I think your giveaway alternative is a wonderful idea and I've loved seeing all of your quilts.
    All going well in the binding world I should have a quilt to show tomorrow.
    Lovells to my friend across the ditch xxx

  10. Congrats on your 200th post! I just made mine last month.

    Keep up your wonderful work, it is beautiful!


  11. Congratulations on reaching 200, That's a whole lot of blogging. Well done.

  12. Alexis is so very sweet and compliments all those lovely makes you have made...what a wonderful idea to make a donation... it is so needed....
    All the best for the next 100 posts...

  13. Maria - thank you for your thoughtfulness and gifts to help people in need rather than another giveaway. Your work is beautiful as are you.

    Hugs - Marie

  14. Hi--Congrats on the 200 big ones!!!
    You have done alot of beautiful work there too!!!!
    And I love your idea of the donation instead of gifts for your followers--does give me a idea for later in the month!!!
    Hugs, Di

  15. You are a quiling maniac, Maria!! Good job, you! But that GGd of yours is such a cutie patootie!!

  16. Very nice projects, Maria! I've enjoyed looking at them all! Thanks for donating! You have a heart of gold!

  17. You have bee busy and the last little bundle of joy will no doubt have some lovely thing made for her. Wise move with the donation, well done.

  18. Hi Maria!
    At least my computer got up and running just in time to see your beautiful projects! I totally Adore the quilt with the birds AND your ironing board cover! NOW that is cool!

    How very thoughtful of your donation! That is such a disaster -it just breaks my heart.sometimes we take things for granted until we see someone else's tragedy.

    I am still like a kid in the candy store with my angel . :)

  19. what a wonderful decision you have made. Congrats on 200 posts my friend!

  20. Wow what delightful and beautiful projects you have posted here on your 200th post! And your beautiful GGD! What a joy! And of course I love your Mug Rugs :) Delightful! Thank you :)

  21. Congratuation on your 200th post. Great to share good coffee, great chat and the afternoon with you, great idea to give to the needy rathar that add to our stash. lub Linda

  22. Wonderful 200th post - great to see how very busy you've been! GGD is beautiful and I think your giveaway alternative is perfect - such a nice thing to do.

  23. Hello Maria,

    Wow such a lovely post, I have serious ironing board envy. Thank you for displaying your work in this post. Many many hours of work.
    Alexis looks so at peace. Your donation will be very much received especially after the fires in Perth today.
    Happy days.

  24. all of your quilts are beautifull how productive you have been I just love all of them the bargello caught my eye and the scrappy string quilts is what I am doing , but we just have to face it the more we quilt the more scraps we have ,your ggd sure is cute I bet he has a nice quilt LOL ,thanks for stopping by for a visit ,xoxo theodora

  25. Oh Maria, what a wonderful year of sewing!!
    Good on you.. I'd love to get stuck in this year too :-)
    Your dear GD is so gorgeous...enjoy her :-) I bet you do.
    Thanks for the fantastic inspiration.
    Have a great day xx

  26. Everything is beautiful Maria - especially the last little "project" - she's gorgeous.

  27. Maria, congrats on your 200th post!! And what I nice thing to make a donation to people in need. Love your scrappy quilts. I'm trying to do that too.

  28. Wow, your quilts are amazing.

    I love the donation idea.

  29. Congratulations on your 200th post! You've accomplished so much, I love seeing all your projects. What a sweet baby!

  30. Congratulations on post 200!! You have accomplished so many lovely projects. I think your donation instead of a give away is a great idea. I'm not a bit surprised by your thoughtfulness. :)

  31. Great work Mum!!!200th blog.
    I agree with Aunty Margrett (sorry Janet)that you are very thoughfull there should be more people out there like you.
    Love you DD2

  32. A belated congratulations on 200 wonderful posts! I love all of your projects - you should be very proud of all that you accomplish.
    Great idea with your donation instead of a giveaway.
    Ab xx

  33. Happy 200th!!!! all the quilts are amazing and colorful just like you! the best is the baby though...she kind of outshines them all!

  34. Oh my! Oh my! Love all your quilts! I really need to get on the ball and complete some quilts for our future grandbabies (none yet). Your little granddaughter is so adorable! I can't wait to be a grandma :o0

    Just wanted to check out a few more of your past posts, before I have to get going! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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