Friday, January 14, 2011

Week One of the Family Visit.

While my DD2 and GD have been here this week the temp has been  around the 40 deg Celsius. We have been here twice a day.
Mornings for kids swimming lessons.
001  We hop in to keep cool while waiting. Then in the afternoon we all go for a swim again.

During the day we have keep busy playing board games. 

DD2 brought along many UFO’s and has been really
good and completed this “Rashie”

I just love this bag.
 Wonder if I can hide it so it stays here when she goes home. LOL


Cute wall hanging for Baby Lexie.

    006                                                   While Sandra is sewing.

Others are watching movies  and playing computer games .
004            015     


  1. How nice for you to have your family there! Enjoy your time together even in the HeAt!

  2. What a great family visit. Have a great time together.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. You all look like you are having great fun. It's so nice to spend time with the li'l treasures like this. I hope the swimming lessons are going well and that everyone is feeling very relaxed.

  4. It looks and sounds like you are all enjoying your visit.

    As well, you are being quite productive. I'd hide that bag too!!!!

  5. It is so much fun to have family home. So glad you are having a good time and the weather looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  6. Looks like wonderful relaxing family time. And productive too!

  7. it is freezing here and you are trying to stay cool there! I wish I was there swimming and all looks fun....

  8. They say the best times of your life are when you are a child, as you grow older you remember just what fun times were . Lovely Lovely post such a wealth of fun times there.


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